Last day & night ✈

Last day & night ✈

Quiet exhausting digesting all the impressions, experiences, exitements and the spirit(s). The day before was tough but a lot of water, sleep, some vitamins and a perfect coffee at Underdog helped. I listened to the 80s electronic music while enjoying my Espresso Tonic.

CV DistillerLast bar on my list was CV Distiller, a bar of my favorit spirit whisky. The bar is located close to the Hilton, so it is not in walking distance and I had to take the metro and walk a few meters. A backlit sign over the entrance gives a warm welcome. There is a small patio with some lounge furniture for the summer time and a huge window with a nice view inside.  The bar room itself is spacious with an enormous cabinet full of whiskies from all over the world. It is the heart of this place and the bar counter goes around this cabinet. Dark wood, leather and some works of art creates a slightly elegant character. As soon as I found my place at the bar I faced a glass of water and the menu. The menu is a thick book full of whiskies. The cocktail menu was smaller and less overwhelming so I opted for a “King’s Tailor”. A Sazerac based on Metaxa. Interesting taste but a touch too sweet for me but overall I was pleased especially because the drink had been thrown. I love this technique. The bartender was very nice and we already met at the Vesper Bar in October (where Baba Au Rums guestshift took place).

If you are alread impressed by the huge cabinet you should go down to the basement. There are the “holy halls”, a second bar where a lot more bottles can be found behind barriers. The bartender gave me a brief tour and I was really wowed. We went back and it was time to drink whisky. I got a Japanese Suntory Kakubin, which is no longer available. Floral and fruity but not really something special. Beside that I got two spoons with some appetisers. One was with cheese cream and lemoncurd, the other one with fish. At the end of this evening I had three plates of them because the alcohol started to work. To finish off the evening the barteam and I went for an Old Pulteney 17 years. I liked the buttered salted popcorn taste. Very nice and also complex whisky.

 The bartender were dressed in beautiful aprons with tartan pattern and were amazing hosts.

It was my last night and I took the metro back to Baba Au Rum. My favourite bar. The drinks are perfectly balanced, nice twists on classical drinks and from the tiki era and the rest is already mentioned in some other posts. My target was to try all the drinks on the menu but I am a bit … limited in absorbing alcohol. First drink was the “Ray Barientos”. Refreshing, tasty with a hint of christmas due to the cinnamon. The bar was packed and so I joined a group of four nice girls who looked curiously at my drinks and the special service. We had a nice chat and I had a “Bohemian like you” after I finished my first drink. The beer works so nicely together with the rest of the ingredients. It was time to say goodbye to the bars and Athens. I am so glad that I did this trip.

  This bar has made history and broaden my bar horizon.

Actually the night was over but the bar Kolokotroni 9 was waiting for a visit. And so I stopped at this small bar where a Caribbean heart is beating. I had a Rum Old Fashioned and two tiny plain rums for a good night drink. Due to the fact that I already had a “few drinks” before, the post and the pictures are bit … shorter. I will be back soon.

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