Bar Fritz’n – A homey Bar located in Potsdam

Bar Fritz’n – A homey Bar located in Potsdam

Potsdam is about half an hour by S-Bahn southwest of Berlin’s city centre. The city of Potsdam is appreciated worldwide primarily as a former Prussian residential town with its many castles and parks. It is no wonder that Potsdam is included in the list of the World Cultural and natural heritage of humanity by UNESCO. Have you ever been to Potsdam? Me neither, so far! Let’s do some sightseeing together, namely straight to the very heart of the city where Bar Fritz’n is located.

Recently the Bar Fritz’n team tagged me in their post of a twist on an Aviation. There is a German saying that means literally “talk of the devil and …”  and voilà here I was.

What awaits you at Bar Fritz’n is an elegant and stylish bar with classic drinks, creative creations combined with passion, fun and serious consulting.

The core element is not the bar it is the bar chairs. They are super comfortable, rotating and made of brown soft leather. Originally they had been used as Casino chairs in front of the one-armed bandits, so made to spend some time on. The rest of the interior has been built around those eight chairs. Solid wood has been used to build the bar counter, the same as the tables inside and out. With its exposed stone and brick, the pleasant lighting, the warm colours and its separated areas, the bar provides a tailored and harmonious space. I really love the well-organised and illuminated back bar that is stocked to the ceiling with high quality spirits. When the weather is pleasant there is more space to sit outside the bar and do some people watching. It was one of those hot summer nights but I took my seat, as usual, in front of the charming bar team.

A bar is as good as the service and the ambience.

The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, the bartenders skilled, experienced and without any airs and graces. There are many bar concepts I like but my favourite one is when the guests are the top priority. The menu is oriented toward the local guests. They are less experienced than their neighbours in Berlin but not less demanding.

Bar Fritz’n provides a really good drinking experience, for every taste, and this is why the menu lists a wide range of drinks. There is an extra menu focussing on the season and the regular menu divided into the following categories: Fritz’n Favourites, Sour, Smash, Fizz & Collins, Punch & Tiki, Classic & Strong, Longdrink & Highball, Gin & Tonic and so on. Some of the essences and syrups are homemade. My first drink of choice was very clearly the Belo Horizonte. The Brazilian twist on an Aviation with cachaça was well-balanced and emptied within a few sips.

The amazing bar team is a lovely mix of bartenders, hosts and connoisseurs. Their mission is to encourage people to drink better and they are doing an excellent job.

Next, I opted for Oh my Goat, a combo of Don Julio tequila, Cointreau blood orange, honey syrup, lime, dashes of mezcal, fresh goat cheese, and thyme tincture. Sounds weird? No, it works perfectly fine. The cocktail finishes perfectly balanced with none of the ingredients coming forward to the point of being overbearing.

I spent such a great night at Bar Fritz’n, it was like celebrating with friends. Thank you for the warm welcome. I highly recommended taking a trip to Potsdam. My plan for the next visit: go early, enjoy a walk in the magnificent grounds of Sanssouci, have dinner at Zanotto, the Italian restaurant located close to Bar Fritz’n in the same street, and then be delighted by some delicious drinks. Nothing more to add.

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