Bars steeped in history – Dry Martini

Bars steeped in history – Dry Martini

  Certified drinking at Dry Martini. An institution with atmosphere and experienced bartenders of the old school.

The bar opened its doors in 1978, and is one of only five bars to have been named in the World’s 50 Best Bars list seven years in a row. A necessary place to visit for the Barstalker.

I entered the bar late in the afternoon. It is a mix of an exclusive hotel bar and a gentlemen’s club, I would say. The interior is classy, the guests were a mixture of older gentlemen and tourists. The bar counter is made of dark wood, with a classic brass handrail. I took my place, where the magic happens, straight at the bar and right in front of the huge mixing glass already filled with ice cubes, and beside that, the tiny bowls of olives for the Martini. The centrepiece of the bar is a large mirror showing the original Dry Martini recipe: “½ London dry gin, ½ French vermouth, 1 dash of orange bitters, squeeze of lemon rind. Add a green olive.”

Behind the bar there are long standing professional bartenders dressed in white bar jackets. This is a completely different generation and you can feel their experience. Besides a Dry Martini, you will find a nice selection of Signature Drinks refined by the in-house “Droplets”. The bartender told me that these are non-alcoholic essences of herbs, fruits, roots and spices that give a unique signature.

It goes without saying that I opted for a Dry Martini. Served in an ice-cold Martini glass, on a silver tray with an olive and a tiny bowl for the pit to one side. After the bartender finished preparing the drink, he used a clicker to update the Certified Dry Counter with my Martini. The counter displays the number of Martinis the bar has made since opening. Mine was number 1,066,914. Wow! The fact that you receive your own certificate with your number is great. I am now a certified Dry Martini drinker. At the end of the evening, the bartenders invited me behind the bar and I left this place in a very happy mood. I would love to go back.