Pavillon de Verre – Discover the Hidden Gem of Copenhagen’s Cocktail Scene at Torvehallerne

Pavillon de Verre – Discover the Hidden Gem of Copenhagen’s Cocktail Scene at Torvehallerne

Embarking on a journey through the vibrant market halls of Torvehallerne in Copenhagen, I stumbled upon a hidden gem of the city’s cocktail culture. Nestled in a small pavilion bathed in daylight, this unique cocktail bar is a testament to precision and quality, offering an exceptional experience for aficionados of finely crafted drinks. In this bar adventure, we delve into the captivating atmosphere, the commitment to high-quality ingredients, and the individualised approach that sets this establishment apart, creating an unforgettable rendezvous with extraordinary cocktails.

As I strolled through the market, the familiar labels on bottles of alcohol immediately captured my attention. Pausing briefly, I found myself approached by a friendly young lady from the stand. Engaging in conversation, I couldn’t help but notice the meticulously arranged professional bar setup, prompting me to swiftly claim a seat. Little did I realise, this marked the inception of my daily visits. Does it sound like a love story, you wonder? Indeed, it does, for the discerning reader is well aware of my romantic relationship with bars. For me, visits to bars are like little love stories. Some bars you just walk in and fall in love, while others are just a one-time experience.

Modern stainless steel meets a solid wooden bar counter, immaculate craftsmanship, and inviting chairs all come together seamlessly. The bartender characterises the bar’s design as  “a love child of a bartender and an architect”. The contemporary and stylish design, coupled with the vibrant ambiance of the market, forms a captivating setting to savour your thoroughly crafted cocktail. Whether perched at the bar, observing the experts concocting their magic, or nestled in a cosy corner with friends, the welcoming atmosphere envelops you, transporting you into a haven of tranquillity amidst the hustle and bustle. Navigating through daylight and bustling crowds isn’t typically my preference, but surprisingly, it turned out to be quite the adventure. 

The magic of Pavillon de Verre lies in the personal treatment that sets this place apart. Customisation is its superpower, turning each drink into a bespoke symphony. From zesty citrus bursts to comforting smoky allure, every elixir is crafted to match your unique taste and mood—a celebration of the extraordinary tailored just for you.

This exceptional cocktail bar stands out from the rest with its unique selling proposition: customised cocktails that are far from off-the-shelf products, a strong ethos and high standards. The bar station boasts an impressive array of identical-looking bottles, containing homemade concoctions that go into cocktails made from ingredients such as nettle, hibiscus, rose hips, and purple carrots. These bottles can even be purchased, as they come from the bar’s own production facility. Pavillon de Verre takes pride in using homemade ingredients and products with strong moral values. 

What truly inspires and touches me about this place are the values it upholds – good quality, fairness, and consistency. Pavillon de Verre creates an environment where you are recognized as an individual. When you visit this bar, the bartenders take the time to understand your taste preferences in the present moment, ensuring that you receive a product that aligns with your expectations. Anything that falls short of the owners’ requirements and expectations is simply made by them. The focus of the place is on selecting the finest ingredients.


Each cocktail is a sensory experience, carefully crafted to deliver unique flavours. The bar also offers snacks, ensuring that your culinary experience is as delightful as your drinking experience. Everything is made fresh and in-house, from foccacia to cheese. The market hall provides an abundance of fresh produce directly sourced from local producers, ensuring fair prices and control over availability.



One of the most noteworthy features of this bar is the high recognition factor of their drinks. Cocktails are brilliantly executed, leaving a lasting impression as they still lingers on my tastebuds memory. The love story of this bar extends beyond the drinks to the entire bar team. From the moment you step foot inside, you feel like you’re in good hands. The focus is on the individual, a rare quality in today’s world. I want to express my gratitude to the bar team for making my time there better. Thank you for what you do. 

Here’s to unforgettable moments, filled with love, and a toast to the exceptional experiences provided by Pavillon de Verre.

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