Bird in Copenhagen – Vinyl Groove & Harmonious Concoctions

Bird in Copenhagen – Vinyl Groove & Harmonious Concoctions

What awaits you at Bird is a place to indulge your senses, where delights await both your palate and your ears. At Bird the symphony of flavours is perfectly complemented by the harmony of music, with vinyl spinning the tunes that set the mood. It’s not just about cocktails; it’s an enchanting dance of taste and sound that makes Bird a must-visit destination. The name of the bar in Copenhagen’s Frederiksberg refers also to music, namely to the nickname of the famous and influential jazz musician Charlie Parker.

Concoctions dance in harmony with vinyl rhythms and share the limelight with carefully curated music.

I settled onto a barstool, my gaze wandering in search of branded bottles and an opulent array of shakers. Yet, what met my eyes were rows of uniform bottles and unassuming containers. The explanation behind this departure was ingenious: bespoke, homemade infused and pre-batched concoctions. Libations are prepared in advance, ensuring prompt service and affording the bartender leisure to engage with the guests. The unassuming containers hold an orchestra of countless spices, herbs, and other delights, whose aromas are tickled out with elaborate infusions.

The revelation behind the shaker absence initially surprised me but, in hindsight, it resonated perfectly. Bird is an acoustic free space, where music played from vinyl has optimum conditions to flourish – yet never intimidating or damaging to the warm and accommodating atmosphere in the bar. Every element, from acoustic walls and choice of materials to the meticulously positioned panels, harmonises to create an auditory haven, where sounds cascade crystal-clear and true. Evidently, the cacophony of a shaker’s dance would undoubtedly disrupt this harmonious experience.

What to drink at Bird? Cocktails are just as important as the music.

I recommend simply drinking up and down the beautifully constructed cocktail list and orienting yourself on the taste descriptions. Drinks are all tasty and balanced served, without ice or on a single ice cube in minimalistic glassware. The menu is divided into Low, High and No proof and you will find a separate Negroni section. There’s a section of the bar’s classics that have been on the list since the very beginning – two years ago. They are also ready to take home by the bottle. The menu is heavily rotated and changed monthly. A fact I like a lot is that all drinks rarely use fresh citrus juice and added sugar.

This fantastic neighbourhood spot in Frederiksberg has truly good vibes, enhanced by the exceptional warmth of its bartenders. At its heart, my preferred concept thrives: a commitment to delighting guests and upholding an ever-welcoming ambiance.

And now, for the pièce de résistance. A special cocktail experience awaits you at the back of the venue. A tiny unobtrusive bell provides entry. Envisioned as an extension of a cherished living room and reminiscent of timeless kitchen gatherings, an intimate snug enclave stands ready, positioned just steps away from the skilled bartender. Here, your libation will be tailored to your preferences and mood, promising an experience that leaves you feeling happy and special. Many thanks to the bar team for caring and sharing this exceptional adventure.


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