Cocktails & Cinema – “Squarcio” by Leandro Serra

Cocktails & Cinema – “Squarcio” by Leandro Serra

Maybe you’ve already noticed. I’m a great lover of the Italian bar scene. It is characterised by warm hospitality and tasty drinks. On my website, you will find some great recipes by Italian bartenders who’ve taken their inspiration from the film world.

I continue my journey through cinema-inspired cocktails with Leandro Serra. He is the bar manager of The Duke Cocktail Lounge Bar on La Maddalena, an island off the coast of Sardinia, and vice-president of Aibes (Italian Barmen and Supporters Association).

The drink was inspired by the movie The Wide Blue Road, directed by Gillo Pontecorvo and based on the novel Squarciò, by Franco Solinas. The inspiration is linked to the Sardinian origin of the barman Leandro Serra, who lives and works in La Maddalena, where the story is set, and which is also the place of origin of the screenwriter and writer Franco Solinas. It is also inspired by the main character, Squarciò, played in the film by Yves Montand. He plays the poor fisherman who tries to improve the lives of his family by using bombs to fish instead of relying on nets. However, this method invokes the hatred of the other fishermen and finally results in tragedy. The blue colour of the drink is dedicated to the emerald sea of La Maddalena. The end of the film, like the drink, is a little bitter, ending with a tragedy. Here comes the recipe. Salute!

3 cl Rum (Ron Centenario in this case)
2 cl Strega liqueur
0.5 cl Blue Curaçao
5 cl almond milk

Pour the rum, Blue Curaçao, the Strega liqueur and finally the almond milk into a shaker. Shake vigorously, pour into an Old Fashioned glass and fill with crushed ice in order to give the sensation of the foam of the drink that slams on the rocks. Decorate with an edible violet. A bittersweet tragedy.