Drip Bar – The Name tells the Story

Drip Bar – The Name tells the Story

Hamburg is definitely a favourite city for most. I am also a big fan, among other things because of the bar scene, who would have thought it! Join me on a drip to St. Pauli where you’ll find Drip Bar behind a heavy curtain. It has been open since 2016.

The bar is surrounded by a speakyesque vibe. Hidden by a dark heavy curtain it’s protected from curious glances and a bell scares away the party people of the lively Hamburg entertainment district St. Pauli. Rustic, dark, cosy inside; a mix between your grandma’s living room and a pub with around thirty seats. The eye-catcher of the place is the back bar that is bathed in a warm golden glow. Five decorative columns, the cold brew drip towers to be more precise, catch the eye immediately. Drip Bar is the name of the venue and the name tells the story.

Drip bar is an unusual bar concept, which is inspired by the innovations in the world of coffee. They use cold brew drippers to create new flavour profiles and unusual cocktail creations.

The technique itself isn’t new, but focussing an entire concept on it is. Only dripped cocktails can be found on the menu, even their highballs and gin & tonics. And of course, the coffee cocktail par excellence, the famous Espresso Martini, is available in refined variations.

The cold brew drippers, which are used to make cold brew coffee, are used to infuse spirits. During this process, various spirits are dripped over spices, herbs, fruits or vegetables for up to 72 hours. This creates unprecedented combinations of flavours. With refined spirits, the bar team creates their cocktails. There are no limits to the imagination. The bar team has worked out the right proportions and taste compositions after many trials. Experimenting and the experience gained are the keys to success and great flavours. What stands out is that brands are not mentioned and on the shelves, you’ll find only a few known labels. Products are used which are chosen by the team, there is no product placement. I really like the idea and the passion behind the concept. On top of this, all the drinks are served with warm hospitality. The bar team is welcoming and kind and guides you safely through the menu and throughout the evening accompanied by refilling your water and popcorn.

The procedure is simple but brings a bit of drama to the bar and extra flavour, drip by drip, to the drinks.


But now, let the results of the above speak for themselves. My first drink of choice was the Untitled Drink. Two different Mezcals, cold drip coffee, red vermouth and Maraschino liqueur. Agave loves coffee and I love both, so that was a good start. As I was already in a mezcalicious mood I opted for the Chipotle Margarita next. The Mezcal dripped over smoked chipotle gave the drink a delicate spicy finish and the smoke highlighted the mezcal – refreshing and tasty. Sticking to my three drinks rule 😉 I asked for the drink not to be missed. I know, stupid question but just to challenge the bartender. Unusually for me, I went for a Vodka Espresso Martini, but the vodka had been dripped over saffron and mixed with homemade coffee liqueur, cold brew and espresso. Full of saffron flavour with a great texture. A clear drinking recommendation. Convincing without frills and startender airs and graces. Thank you for the great night and your patience.

Search for my sticker at the entrance and visit Drip Bar.