A Liquid City Guide To Madrid’s Drinking Dens – Tiki Lovers pay Attention

A Liquid City Guide To Madrid’s Drinking Dens – Tiki Lovers pay Attention

Tiki Chateau is a modern tiki bar in the Malasaña neighbourhood of Madrid, a four-minute walk from 1862 Dry Bar and it too gives you the feeling of home. The owner Miguel Escobedo opened his bar in November 2016 and you’ll find him behind the stick. He’s a very likeable and pleasant person and we spent a fun time there peppered with interesting stories.

The space is very small, probably less than 20 seats. A tiki bar generally has a Polynesian, Caribbean look & feel. The main feature of a tiki bar is kitschy, colourful and over-the-top décor. Tiki bars are aesthetically defined by their tiki culture décor which is based upon a romanticised conception of Polynesian pop history.

At Tiki Chateau you’ll recognise the concept but in a more restrained way. The main eye-catchers are the lush wallpaper and the wood-panelled counter. The concept is underpinned by carved tiki sculptures and pictures on the wall that take you on a journey to distant lands. All in all, thoughtful and atmospheric with the feeling of being at home, in a very private and intimate environment.

The Tiki Oasis in the Spanish capital is creating tasty tiki drinks with the use of housemade syrups and rum in a homey atmosphere.

And that is no coincidence, because Miquel told us that he started his business originally as a home bar for friends, which confirms our first impression of being guests in someone’s home.

For the menu, think of rum and tasty tiki drinks. We had Mai Tai, which is considered to be the most iconic tiki cocktail and was very tasty. If you find yourself in Madrid and want a tiki drink, now you know where to go!

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