Santo Spirito – Candle Light Cocktails

Santo Spirito – Candle Light Cocktails

There are so many interesting bars in Moscow but finding them isn’t easy. Searching for bars reminded me of playing with the Russian Matryoshka dolls. If you open the first doll another smaller doll is revealed and so you. I think you all know this famous Russian souvenir.

With Santo Spirito it is the same. First you need to walk into the pub Haggis Pub & Kitchen, then take the stairs down and open another door. Another room is revealed which is much smaller than the pub.

Dark and atmospheric, stylish and cosy, a warm welcoming spirit and well prepared cocktails. Everything that makes a visit worthwhile.

You find yourself inside a dimly lit room with a few seats at some high tables and at the small bar counter. There is also a long table providing some standing places. I would guess no more than 15 people would fit the den. A pleasant dark atmosphere embraces you immediately as you step in and your ears are treated well by the music. I found myself transported to an old black and white movie, a feeling that was strengthened by the huge screen showing a Gregory Peck movie. The rest of the tiny place seemed, in my memories, to be bathed in a golden glow. The only light sources seem to have been the movie, some candles, and some hanging lamps illuminating the bar counter and the well-stocked backbar.

Santo Spirito used to be a cinema before and they just use the screen behind the bar to show some black and white movies to create this very special atmosphere. Two of the walls were covered with heavy red velvet curtains. My memories and the reality have become a bit blurred due to the atmospheric vibe. It’s like being dropped into the middle of someone else’s dream. What I really remember is the lovely bar team and the warm welcome. And of course, the drinks.

Both visits I had the same drink. I didn’t expect mezcal and melon to go so well together. Additionally, my drink was elegantly served on a mirrored coaster. I didn’t take a closer look at the menu and just relied on the bartender’s recommendation. They serve a good balance between classical drinks and innovate stuff. The ingredients for the drinks are prepared by the bar team themselves and thanks to the kitchen upstairs they provide some nice Scottish bar snacks.

Santo Spirito, Holy Spirit, a real escape from the daily routine.

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