Tata Cocktail Bar in Copenhagen – Raise the Curtain

Tata Cocktail Bar in Copenhagen – Raise the Curtain

Copenhagen boasts an abundance of cocktail bars, with my wish list spanning old-school classics, trendy newcomers, and even hotel bars. Whether your preference leans towards classic or experimental drinks, there’s a perfect spot for you. The service is incredibly friendly, creating an overall welcoming and hygge atmosphere.

Let’s raise the curtain on Tata Bar: located within the luxurious Sanders boutique hotel, just as its name pays homage to the iconic red velvet curtain at the neighboring Royal Danish Theatre.

Tata Bar beckons you to step into a world of enchantment and elegance. Opening its doors in 2018, Tata Bar isn’t merely a place to indulge in drinks; it’s a stage for crafting unforgettable evenings.

Tata Bar boasts its very own entrance, granting you a direct passage without the need to traverse through the lobby. This thoughtful touch instantly sets the tone for an intimate and exclusive experience. As you venture inside, be prepared to be enveloped by an ambiance of luxury. Imagine rich, opulent curtains draping the space, adorned with velvety upholstery that invites you to linger. The bar itself is a symphony in classic gold and black that evokes a sense of timeless sophistication. It’s no coincidence that this concept is the brainchild of Alexander Kølpin, a former ballet dancer whose artistic sensibilities infuse every corner of Tata Bar.

Now, let’s talk libations. The cocktail menu is a symposium of taste, offering both timeless classics and innovative house concoctions. Each drink is nicely showcased within a thoughtfully organised menu. There’s also a choice of non-alcoholic options. To accompany your drinks, an array of delectable snacks await.


The team behind the bar is more than just skilled; they are friendly, approachable, and keen to tailor each drink to your unique preferences. Don’t hesitate to express your desires, as they’re there to transform your libation fantasies into reality. My evening was thoroughly enjoyable, and the bar team’s impeccable care made it even more delightful. Applause and thank you.

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