The Everleigh – Classic Cocktails from the Golden Era

The Everleigh – Classic Cocktails from the Golden Era

Another important milestone on my bartinerary in Melbourne was The Everleigh. From the Black Pearl, it’s a 15-minute walk. In the style of Speakeasy bars, tucked away next to an American Diner, The Everleigh has been serving classic drinks in a stylish setting for more than six years now. Take a seat at their marble bar counter.

It is a bit challenging to find the entrance to this hidden drinking den, but it’s worth the search as you are in for a flamboyant experience. “Classic cocktails from the golden era” is their theme and so is the interior. Romantic, nostalgic and classy were the first words which came to me spontaneously when I entered. The vibe is one of a 1920s American style speakeasy with dark wooden panelling, a long marble bar counter, an impressive chandelier and vintage decor from a bygone era. The leather-bound booths, as well as the warm inviting glow of the candles, ensure comfort and intimacy. Glass-front cabinets showcase old cocktail books, tools and vintage bottles. It is said that The Everleigh boasts one of the largest classic cocktail book selections in the world.

The Everleigh has a balanced and refined mix of atmosphere and interior.


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The ever-changing cocktail menu features a potent selection of classic and forgotten drinks. Sazeracs, Old Fashioneds, Daisies, Sours, Fizzes and so on are served in old-fashioned crystal glasses with hand cut ice. The crystal clear ice comes from their own ice production. Navy Strength Ice Co. is Australia’s first boutique hand cut ice company and specifically designed for bars, restaurants, catering companies, events, sculptors and speciality roasters. The service is impeccable and detail-oriented. A place to order an Aviation. The bartender told me that the Aviation Cocktail is one of the 5 classics a bartender needs to know in Australia. I warmly recommend having one, it was perfect.

To make a perfect drink you have to consider all the ingredients. Ice is one of them: the final step and the perfect serve for your drinks and your guests’ eyes.

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Heartbreaker, the rock’n’roll sister of The Everleigh

Many bars in Australia belong to a group or a bigger company. The Everleigh is part of the Made in the Shade Group, which includes the Navy Strength Ice Co, The Everleigh Bottling Co, Bar Margeaux, Connie’s Pizza (inside Heartbreaker) and Heartbreaker itself. Join me on a quick shot to Heartbreaker in the CBD. The contrast between The Everleigh and Heartbreaker couldn’t be more blatant. It felt a bit like listening to “Don’t know why” by Norah Jones when suddenly the music changes to Death Metal.

Heartbreaker is an American-style dive bar but with a dash of classic drinking.

I wasn’t sure if I should enter. As ever, I took my seat at the bar. A totally different setting surrounded me. Loud, rough and shabby were the first words which came to me spontaneously this time. To be honest, the experience was not my cup of tea, but it is an experience worth sharing and, most importantly, very surprising. It is a fun place, a dive bar through and through. A massive red neon sign tells you where you are, a jukebox full of 70s rock’n’roll and a pool table. If you need some food to soak up some alcohol grab a slice of pizza from Connie’s Pizza window.


The almost flippant bar team serve Longdrinks, American craft beers and shots. If you fancy a cocktail you can select from their pre-batched bottled cocktails and here you will find the connection to The Everleigh bar. Their famous four cocktails Negroni, Martini, Manhattan and Old Fashioned are pre-batched and bottled and can be ordered to consume on the premises or to take away. The Everleigh Bottling Co. captures the very essence of The Everleigh in a perfect size. Another great night out in Melbourne.

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