Antwerp Cocktail Creations – Bar Burbure

Antwerp Cocktail Creations – Bar Burbure

Leaving the historic old town in a southerly direction brings you to the trendy Zuid district. Here, you will find galleries, museums, original buildings, concept stores, innovative restaurants and bar concepts. In this district you will also find the elegant Bar Burbure.

The name of the bar indicates its whereabouts. It is on the Vlaamse Kaai in Antwerp, on the corner of Burburestraat. At the front of the bar is a large terrace that is nicely illuminated. Inside, the bar appears small, but turns out to be a miracle of space. The mixing station for example is small but efficiently designed. As I arrived very early at the bar, as usual, I was able to secure my place where the magic happens and also exchange some words with the kind bartenders. Apart from the elegant and modern interior, the concept is immediately recognisable when you look at the selection of drinks: Cocktails with luxury spirits.

Spirits from the premium segment provide the basis for sophisticated cocktails, which are served in high-quality glassware. The eyes drink first here.

The idea behind Burbure was to blend together fashionable Milan, quaint London, and cosmopolitan Manhattan. Bar Burbure brings an international vibe to Antwerp. On the carefully curated menu you will find wine, champagne, of course beer and even cigars. As befits great cocktails, there is clear ice and an individual ice stamp.

Let’s have a look at my choice for this adventure:


Excellent suggestions and a nice talk with the bartender rounded off this exquisite experience. Bar food is coming soon and I am looking forward to it. I’ll be back, Antwerp!

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