Bar Dip – A liquid journey through Hakka Heritage in Kaohsiung

Bar Dip – A liquid journey through Hakka Heritage in Kaohsiung

During my bar adventures, it’s not just about savouring good drinks but also connecting with fellow enthusiasts. In one delightful encounter at Kaohsiung’s Voice Over Bar, I struck up a conversation with a solo guest. Before we knew it, we had plans to meet at Bar Dip the next evening – a spot recommended by the lovely woman and the bar team.

Upon entering, the cosy room revealed itself with a square floor plan, an elegant bar counter, and a shelf of spirits casting a soft glow. The friendly bar team added to the warmth of the place. Dip boasts an exquisite selection of drinks and delectable canapés, complemented by carefully curated music that enhances the overall ambiance.

Let’s dive into the stars of the show—the drinks. Dear readers, you know, I have my three-drink rule when I am in a new bar. It’s a good number for tasting and gaining a solid understanding of the bar’s concept. Or just to say it with the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald, “First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.”

My initial choice encapsulates Dip’s concept in a glass. Embracing Hakka art and culture, the “blue dyeing” process takes center stage. Originating from clothing and fabric design, the light blue color and variable pattern design have been creatively integrated into cocktail aesthetics. The visual journey mirrors the spread of color during the blue dyeing process, tying seamlessly to Dip’s core identity—a proud celebration of Hakka culture. Combining the visual elements of Hakka blue with the classic Alaska cocktail’s flavours, Dip crafts a libation that’s both visually stunning and delicious. The cocktail incorporates the strong gin flavor, herbal tones of chartreuse, fresh herbal and fruity fragrances, and the subtle wood flavor of teak. The result is a delightful and refreshing sensory experience. 


My second choice, inspired by a classic cocktail and Hakka cuisine, is a creative spin on the “Mai Tai.” Infused with Hong Kong-style flair and Hakka flavors, it features pineapple for sweetness, chicken soup, and coconut fat-washed rum for depth and a rich texture. Topped with fresh foam and spices, this concoction is extraordinary and fun. Its taste resembles that of a dish and prompts the desire to order some food. A nod to the “damn good food” section on the menu, which, as promised and proven by my delightful experience with the goulash, is indeed a tempting and true recommendation.

The final drink hails from the 2023 BACARDÍ Fellowship, where Bartender Ravan Lin secured second place. A blend of Bacardí Carta Blanca, Osmanthus Syrup, Oolong Kombucha, fermented mango ice cube, Psidium guajava Linn sorbet, and a finishing touch of liquid nitrogen create a rich, fruity, and dessert-like experience.


In conclusion, Dip in Kaohsiung isn’t just a bar; it’s a sensory voyage where water, spirits, and culture converge. With a friendly welcoming team, enticing menu, and an overall great vibe, it’s no wonder Dip beckons you to become a regular patron like my lovely companion on this adventure. 

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