Athens Bar Map – update

Athens Bar Map – update

As a general rule it can be said, that you can enjoy in Athens a very high standard of good drinks. The density of respectable cocktail bars is extremely high, almost all are in walking distance of each other. Good challenge for a bar crawl.

         I proudly present my updated version of my personal Athens bar map.

Baba Au Rum and The Gin Joint

Baba Au Rum and The Gin Joint are my absolute favourites. The drinks are elegantly, innovative and perfectly executed. They are served by a professional and warm hearted barteam. Everything is made with love for detail, and the bars are both stocked with a carefully selected variety of quality and premium spirits.

If you love rum, then your place is right at the bar of the Baba Au Rum. I recommend to start with a Daiquiri, one of the most delicious I ever had, and then enjoy the view on the rum selection. Baba Au Rum has been awarded and recognised as one of the best rum bars in the world. They also publish their own magazine. Fine Magazine is a quarterly print edition about the Cocktail & Bar culture, contemporary People & Travelling.

If you more into Gin, then you will find everything your heart desires in the cosy atmosphere of The Gin Joint. I love the Negroni flight, or just start with a simple Negroni fresh from the tap. Let your palate be the judge. Your ears are always treated well at those places. Both bars touch the heart, and I feel very much at home there ❤

CV Distiller

If you are a whisk(e)y lover CV Distiller is the place to be. Shelves from the floor to the ceiling provide space for the enormous whisky selection, that can be enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere with jazzy sound. A floor below, you find a huge treasure chamber of old and rare whiskies. Do not miss to ask for it. They also offer exclusive tastings. The focus is the guests and their fun.

The Clumsies, Odori Vermuteria Di Atene, The Theory Bar & More

The triumvirate of the Clumsies Gang is formed by The Clumsies, Odori Vermuteria Di Atene und The Theory Bar & More. The Clumsies promote the Greek cocktail culture worldwide. This year they had guestshifts all over the world, and also launched their own product, the Otto’s Athens Vermouth. The bar itself is located in a pretty villa. You will find fine food and nice daytime drinking. During the night, the drinks are more boozy and DJs are rocking the place. The ingredients of the drinks are refined in their in-house laboratory, using sous-vide, cold drip, fat washing and rotary evaporator technology. The results are innovative concoctions.

Odori Vermuteria Di Atene is a vermouth bar. The decoration is dreamy with playful elements. Just opening the menu is an experience itself. A flower is popping up like in a children’s book. The right bar to prepare yourself with an aperitivo for the night. The Theory Bar & More was the team’s first bar. A beautiful venue with a large garden area. The scenery reminds somehow of an old school room. Logical clarity meets playful lightness with some colourful balloons. The menu is designed like a comic. I was impressed by the category „Theory Classics“. Classical cocktails with tonic – never had that before, but the Manhattan & Tonic was a real aha moment, smooth and delicious. This bar is located in Chalandri, a commercial area about 20 km by car from the city center of Athens. Nice for shopping and also bar hopping.

Mr. Peacock

Mr. Peacock is another bar in this area. I was there for the guestshift of the Barcardi Legacy finalist Gn Chan. The bar is huge and has a nice courtyard. The cockail photo album shows the drinks selection on Polaroids. A good place for a larger group and social drink.

Upupa Epops

Just on the other side of the city, south-west of the center in Petralona is the bar Upupa Epops. Drinking and “relaxing like a true Athenian” is one of my quotes of this post. Great location.

Drunk Sinatra, Rehab and Speakeasy

Returning to the buzzling city center of Athens, you will find Drunk Sinatra, Rehab and a real Speakeasy Bar in a hidden cellar. The cocktail list of Drunk Sinatra and Rehab is based on home made ingredients and innovative ideas. They are both located in the same passage.  

Borsalino and Noel

Opposite of the bar Noel, where Christmas is celebrated every day, and were you can enjoy serious Mezcal, a new Bar was opened. Borsalino is focussed on Mediterranean drinks. My post is a clear drinking recommendation.

42 Bar

42 Bar is the answer to the ultimate question of life, according to Douglas Adams “A Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. The drinks are experimental, but the bar interior is absolutely classic. The cocktail menu changes during the seasons. Nice constrast.

Kolokotroni 9

On the Kolokotroni street number 9 you can find a tiny bar called Kolokotroni 9. A small and fine rum selection dominates the spirit shelf. They tailor their drinks with sensitivity. The taste of my favourite drink “Lost in Pine” is elegant, slightly powdery and already anchored in the depths of my taste memory. I am totally in love with this drink, and the bar.

The 7 Jokers

The last bar of each night is The 7 Jokers. A small bar, where all the bar people and night owls have their nightcaps. Party till dawn at this place. It’s just rock ‘n’ roll.