Gin & Rum in Athens – A Foto Love Story

Gin & Rum in Athens – A Foto Love Story

Baba Au Rum and The Gin Joint are two of my best-loved bars in Athens. What they both have in common: always making me happy.

Those who read my adventures know that. The others can have a look at the hundreds of articles I have posted over the last few years. This article is more of a foto love story of my last visit.

The Gin Joint

When it comes to Gin, The Gin Joint has got it going on! From gin based cocktails to neat gin this is the place for gin and cocktail lovers. A cozy and small bar with good music. This bar is one of the pioneers of the recent bar scene. The friendly and genuine bar team is the major part of the atmosphere and makes this place so special to me.

Baba Au Rum

When it comes to Rum, Baba Au Rum has got it going on! It is the cradle of the Athens bar scene and Thanos Prunarus is one of the main movers and shakers in his country and sharing his expertise worldwide with his Fine Drinking Magazine.

It is all about heart and this was the first thing I noticed when I visited Baba Au Rum for the first time. This place is colourful, the interior is perfectly balanced just like the drinks and always perfect in every single detail. The staff is fabulous and a visit is always like coming home to a beloved family.

This time I met a very nice lady next to me and we both made it a tough night for the bartenders because we wanted to shoot so many pictures. Spot on for another night at Baba.