Green Door Bar Berlin – Who’s knocking on the Green Door?

Green Door Bar Berlin – Who’s knocking on the Green Door?

This Berlin not-to-be-missed drinking den has been missing from Barstalker for too long. Green Door Bar opened its doors in 1995 and was instrumental in shaping Berlin’s cocktail culture. It has been the creative domain of many renowned bar luminaries such as Beate Hindermann und Stefan Weber, now doing their magic at Victoria Bar.

Today, too, you’ll find an innovative, skilled and hospitable bar team behind the legendary green door. The bar is named after a song written by jazz legend Eddie Condon about a New York bar called the Green Door, simple as that.

What awaits you at Green Door Bar is a cosy and playful interior,
somewhere between a private salon and a David Lynch movie,
where attention to quality and detail translates into warm hospitality.

Behind the green door you dive into another world. You are surrounded by a mix of quirky environments with lots of details to discover during your stay. The bar impresses with its long wooden counter and the extensive selection of premium spirits that are beautifully set in scene by the lighting design.

The motto of Green Door Bar is “The power of positive drinking”. The bar team works with great expertise and dedication on the bar’s concept and cocktail creations. Maria Alexandrovna Gorbatschova, the current bar manager, is what I expect from a good bartender: skilled, reserved but attentive, funny and charming. You will also find Manos Sintichakis behind the stick. In my opinion he’s one of the great newcomers who has been doing his magic in Berlin for the last few years. He is also convincing with his expertise, curiosity and fun at work paired with typical Greek hospitality.

What to drink? Classic or creative! It is your choice.
And no matter what you go for you are in good hands.

Two of my favourite drinks are served and perfectly mastered at Green Door. First of all, the Rose Cocktail is a romantic combination of vermouth, Kirschwasser and raspberry syrup. The drink dates back almost 110 years and had its heyday in the 1920s at the Chatham Hotel in Paris. At Green Door you will find “Beneath the Roses” on the menu, which combines dry vermouth, rose & rosehip eau-de-vie, coffee spirit with gentian and a hint of pepper. Dry, elegant and very delicious for taste buds and eyes.

Another drink that isn’t easy to be found on menus is a Mother-in-Law. Bourbon-heavy, aromatic with a hint of sweetness. A mix of bitters and strong spirits. The drink calls for Bourbon, maraschino liqueur, Orange Curacao, Amer Picon, simple syrup, dashes of Peychaud’s and Angostura Bitters. Not for the faint hearted.

Let the pictures do the further talking.


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