Boilermaker House – Welcome to the Wild Wild West

Boilermaker House – Welcome to the Wild Wild West

Fancy some Wildwest romance? Do you like whisky & beer? Step through the giant doors of Boilermaker House and find some escapism. Boilermaker is located in Melbourne CBD’s Chinatown and offers a huge selection of whisky, beer and bites.

The name Boilermaker House comes from the idea of matching beer to whisky. In general, a boilermaker is a “beer cocktail” and consists of a glass of beer and a shot of whiskey. It is a huge venue with a massive back bar and bar counter, leather booths and communal tables. Oil lamps, a lot of wood and exposed bricks provide a cosy country-style. The vibe is vivid yet intimate. The whisky collection includes more than 950 whiskies from all over the world.

Cosy, whisky, escape: this is how the bartender summarised the place for me.

What to drink?

The menu is easy to understand and has something for everyone. It will take you on a journey from the start of your evening aperitifs to the height of the party and right through to the end of the evening with night-caps, says the menu. Dividing the drinks into flavour profiles such as bright & crisp and sharp & zesty helps you to find the drinks that suit your current mood the best.

My mood of the day was longing for a Hebridean Fizz with Laphroaig select cask scotch, Absentroux, lemon, soda, egg white, cream, black walnut and matcha powder. Perfectly balanced and super delicious. I can still remember the lovely texture. The Apple of my Rye made with Lot 40 Rye, apple pulp shrub, chamomile, lavender bitters and sparkling wine was fantastic too.

Drinks paired with solid food, always a winning team.

Cheese and charcuterie is always a good idea. Besides that, you can also have solid steaks and burgers to soak up the liquor. A highly recommended place for drinks and food and knowledgeable service.

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