Cicchetti – Aperitivo Culture in Tel Aviv

Cicchetti – Aperitivo Culture in Tel Aviv

Beside cocktail bars, I love the holistic approach of all the things I need for my pleasure being served in one place. These are small delicious dishes, drinks and good coffee. I also love the concept of the Italian aperitivo: A bitter drink paired with a small dish. It is also a good excuse to start drinking in the late afternoon, relaxing from work or in this case sitting back and doing some people-watching after a long day of sightseeing. Cicchetti in Tel Aviv is an Italian bar and restaurant concept where everything is harmoniously mixed in a cosy and friendly atmosphere.

You will find the place at the corner of Yehuda Halevy Street and Mazeh Street, with doors that open onto the road. The large window front offers a bright and friendly atmosphere. You can take a seat outside or at the extra long bar counter, the centre piece of the venue. They have an open kitchen, high ceilings, white tiles on the wall and some plants hanging from simple metal racks. I felt immediately transferred to an Italian bistro. It is a place where you feel at home and welcome.

The food at Cicchetti is just incredible. Italian style with a Tel Aviv vibe. A must visit.

Simple and tasty with fresh ingredients. Cicchetti means small dishes in Italian, mainly in Venice, and they serve many of them. Each one is better than the last and I have to say it right now, this place is fantastic and a must visit. You have to try the fish and the Arancini, crisp rice balls filled with mushrooms and hard cheeses. My mouth still waters when I think of the long cooked beef pasta.

An aperitif is not just a drink but a way of life.

Referring to their Italian concept, the drink menu provides many wines and the cocktail list, it goes without saying, is heavy on fortified wine. Vermouth, Amaro and sherry, Negronis, Spritzers and some classic Cicchetti style drinks are listed in the menu, including the famous Venetian cocktail Bellini that is served on tap.

Cichetti’s drinks are characterised by their freshness and great refinement. My drink of choice was a Shpritzetura, an Italian Spritz with Asian flare. The combination of Campari, Mancino Vermouth, yuzu and tonic was great. I could have spent hours at the bar counter watching the world go by. While doing so, one of the guys gave me a glass of local red wine from a Jerusalem vineyard. Cicchetti honours local food and beverage.

A digestif is the best way to finish the night. Jullius Craft Distillery is the first artisan distillery in Israel specialising in the production of brandies and eau de vies using regional products. A good choice and an excellent drop of spirit.

The staff, the service, the place, the food, the drinks – simply a place I highly recommend and now one of my faves.

Good drinks go with good food and vice versa, as simple as that.

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