Duck and Cover – Seasonal Sips in a Modern Danish Interior

Duck and Cover –  Seasonal Sips in a Modern Danish Interior

The phrase “duck and cover” historically symbolised seeking shelter amidst conflict. Similarly, at Duck and Cover, a charming cocktail bar nestled in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro neighbourhood, you can discover your own haven. This cosy establishment boasts a local focus, mid-century decor, and a menu that changes with the city’s seasons.

Situated in a basement, a short descent down the stairs welcomes you into the company of a delightful bar team. The ambiance is both dark and atmospheric, enveloping you with black walls and slatted wood accents. Accessories such as carpets, books and plants create a living room ambience, home away from home. The design harmoniously melds modernity with the relaxed contemporary essence emblematic of the golden era of Danish modern design. The space has around 45 places. Choose a seat amidst the boxy sofas and armchairs at the rear, or settle into one of the chairs lining the curved bar counter in the front. Personally, I favour a perch close to the bartenders – a front-row view of the enchanting cocktail craftsmanship that unfolds before you.

Duck and Cover: Where laid-back vibes embrace your evenings and the relaxed ambience cradles you while you savour the enticing cocktail menu in pure cosiness.

Kasper Riewe Henriksen is the mastermind behind Duck and Cover. With a colourful past including stints at Ruby Bar and a prestigious spot as a finalist in the 2012 Diageo World Class, Kasper has woven his passion and personality into every corner of this gem. What’s the secret ingredient? A sprinkle of his own life story. Imagine stepping into a space that’s not just a bar but a glimpse into Kasper’s upbringing. Picture his grandma’s cozy haven, and now infuse it with nostalgic 1960s spirit.

Discover the essence of Duck and Cover’s drink concept – an elegantly streamlined menu that mirrors the ever-changing seasons. Immerse yourself in a world of creativity guided by a dedicated bartending team, where attention to detail and service take centre stage.

Duck and Cover pays homage to its Nordic roots by spotlighting Scandinavian spirits and ingredients, which take centre stage in the libations offered. As you glance at the well-stocked back shelf, you’ll discover an array of carefully selected aquavits and akvavits, capturing the essence of the region’s spirit.

The drinks themselves boast an intriguingly savoury profile, a nod to the Nordic penchant for foraging and finding inspiration in the wild. This culinary adventure comes to life through the expert utilisation of contemporary gastronomic cocktail techniques. From fat washing and the alchemy of milk clarification to the intricacies of infusions and mazerations, each drink is a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Homemade syrups and carbonation weave an extra layer of craftsmanship into every sip.

Welcome to Duck and Cover, where every drink tells a story of creativity, taste and the craftsmanship of mixology.


The night before visiting Duck and Cover, the friendly bartender at Bird pointed me towards an intriguing choice to kick off the evening: the Slap Me Silly – a delectable concoction from their freshly introduced menu. Living up to its promise, this blend of Akvavit, Campari, blueberry, and celeriac danced on my palate, marking an excellent beginning. Curiosity led me to the Paco P,  where a medley of Myrtle Snaps, coffee, bitters, blackberry syrup, and zesty lemon converged in a vintage glass. Unexpected, multifaceted, and beautifully balanced – that’s how I’d encapsulate my cocktail journey.

The climax of the night arrived in the form of a Duck and Cover twist on the classic Sazerac from a former menu. Here, aged Aquavit, Madeira, Absinthe, and a tantalising sea salt spray merged into a masterful fusion of flavours. A tip for the adventurous: if you’re a fan of licorice, especially the salty kind, this one’s a must-request.

With each sip, Copenhagen’s bar scene paints a vivid tapestry of taste and creativity on my tastebuds. The journey has me thoroughly impressed so far, leaving me eager to explore even more of the city’s vibrant flavours. Stay curious.

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