Bar Otani in Taipei – No menu, very classic, just like that!

Bar Otani in Taipei – No menu, very classic, just like that!

Discover Otani, a hidden gem of a cosy Japanese-style bar with a focus on reserved service. Its black walls and absence of background music create an atmosphere that lets the drinks take centre stage. The beverages are meticulously crafted to suit your taste and mood, making Otani a true shrine to the art of Japanese bartending. Whether you’re a solo visitor or simply seeking a serene experience, this place has something special to offer.

When you step into Otani, be prepared to embrace its strict bar rules and etiquette. As you enter this dimly lit space through a tiny sliding door, you’ll immediately notice the intimate setting. With about eight seats, the bar counter is shared by both the guests and the bartender. In this unique bar, you won’t find the usual distractions – no music, no idle chatter, and no traditional menu. It’s all about classic, time-honoured drinks. After a moment of contemplation, I decided on an El Presidente cocktail.

The primary focus here is unquestionably on the drinks, which might seem a bit unusual but also strangely appealing.

Sitting next to me is a guest who keeps ordering drink after drink, enjoying each one with enthusiasm. In the silence, we strike up a conversation, and he explains that he commutes between Taipei and Tokyo, making Otani his favourite bar. The drinks here are expertly prepared, and the experience is entirely centred around the beverages, with minimal emphasis on the surroundings.

In summary, Otani is a small, dark Japanese-style bar hidden within an old office building, offering a unique and serene drinking experience. Its reserved service and black walls create an ambiance that allows the drinks to shine, reminiscent of the quiet reverence in Japanese bartending. Perfect for solo drinkers or anyone looking for an authentic journey into the world of fine libations. Highly recommended.

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