Discover Nørrebro’s Hidden Gems – A Tale of Two Modern Cocktail Pubs

Discover Nørrebro’s Hidden Gems – A Tale of Two Modern Cocktail Pubs

In the heart of Copenhagen’s vibrant Nørrebro district, two modern oases await those seeking more than just a drink. These bars are not typical drinking establishments, but places where the art of sophisticated drinking and meaningful communication come together.

Whether you’re a local in search of a meeting place or a visitor eager to experience the spirit of Copenhagen, these two venues promise an unforgettable evening. Here, you’ll encounter a diverse crowd characterised by a shared fondness for sophisticated cocktails and a warm, welcoming atmosphere that encourages conversation.

Pulp  –  Parlour unites local people

While the cocktail-bar culture in Copenhagen might still be considered youthful compared to its counterparts in other cities, there are dedicated bartenders who are driving its development. Emerging on the scene in 2021, Pulp stands as a fresh gem amidst the Copenhagen cocktail landscape. Founded during the pandemic, Pulp rapidly forged its path to attain favouritism among locals, travellers and cocktail enthusiasts alike.

The bar team at Pulp exudes a great passion for their craft, yet manages to infuse an air of playful exuberance into the atmosphere. Imagine a cosy feel-good place with a colourful menu that doubles as entertainment and an assortment of delightfully kitschy teapots and cups – the very cups the bartenders occasionally serve a shot from, adding a touch of whimsy to the bar’s ambience.

Pulp’s guiding principle is beautifully simple: “people need a place to go.” The dynamic duo behind this vibrant spot knows that a bar transcends being a mere beverage space – it’s a haven for tales, connections, and life’s joys. Stepping inside, you’re embraced by an inviting atmosphere, pulsating with energy.

The cocktail list embodies the craft of bartending, with each drink having its own personality. The menu playfully claims, “People need them boujie drinks,” balancing geeky allure with approachability. From a huge crystal ice block to a premium spirits collection, the Pulp shows the expertise and experienced background of the owners in every corner. Soak in the ambiance, relish crafted drinks, and share laughter.

Drinks have fun names and are peppered with interesting ingredients. I especially liked the fact that all drinks have information about the alcohol content. I started my journey with Sammies Kiwis, followed by Pickagoose and finished with Serious Circus. Drinks are grown up and empty far too quickly!

Visit Pulp on Insta and on their website.

The Barking Dog – A relaxed oasis of socialising and agave spirits

In the heart of Nørrebro, Carl Wrangel and Jarek Modzelewski brought their vision to life in the form of The Barking Dog, a modern pub that defies the need for formalities. No dress code required – just a welcoming space for quality drinks and conversations. The bar has cultivated a cosy ambiance, making it a hub for social interaction. Far from the noisy club scene, The Barking Dog fosters dialogue with its relaxed environment and background music.

Linger on the comfortable sofas, enjoy the low-key music, and indulge in the carefully crafted drinks. A space where everyone feels welcome and every sip is a step into a world of relaxed socialising.

A unique focus on tequila and mezcal sets this bar apart. Its Mexican vibe is apparent through its warm interiors – a mix of Art Deco and British pub comfort. The red sofa, checkerboard floor, and mirrors create a cheerful setting.

At The Barking Dog, human connection takes precedence over complicated cocktails. The atmosphere is inviting, the drinks reasonably priced, and the service top-notch. The menu features familiar drinks with a signature twist, ensuring a balanced blend of quality ingredients. Expect everything from classic cocktails to mezcal-based creations and a non-alcoholic selection that shines, offering fresh blends with exciting spicy notes. The Barking Dog ensures prompt service by pre-mixing most drinks, although innovation remains at its core. The bar is a haven for those seeking an upscale British pub vibe, complete with an impressive mezcal collection and good beer and wine options.

Visit The Barking Dog on Insta and on their website.