Solange Cocktails & Luxury Spirits – Lovely perfection

Solange Cocktails & Luxury Spirits – Lovely perfection

In the district Eixample, close to the Sagrada Familia and just opposite the legendary Dry Martini Bar, you will find this elegant place. In my memory, everything is still very golden, exclusive and intimate. I am still enchanted by the appearance of the bartenders, the exclusive glassware and the presentation of the delicious concoctions. “Luxury” the name and luxurious the interior. 

Solange Cocktails & Luxury Spirits

When entering the bar you are welcomed by a showcase with all sorts of spirits. Pleasant lighting, pleasant music, a very special atmosphere, supported by the well thought out room concept. The seven metre long bar catches the eye with its golden colour and well sorted backboard. Great and rare spirits can be found in the selection. Brass tubes separate the venue into private seating areas with comfortable sofas. The quiet atmosphere immediately induces relaxation.

The bar opened in 2014 and is named after Solange Dimitrios, one of James Bond’s romantic interests from the movie “Casino Royal”. Just as attractive and charming are the bartenders. Perfectly dressed in suits and ties. The menu is well organised, and the prices compared to the interior are moderate. They attach importance to interaction with guests. The bartender’s recommendation was outstanding. My drink was perfectly executed and balanced. Served in elegant glassware, that was as carefully selected as the contents.

An intimate bar where you can rest or have an enjoyable conversation, just in accordance with your current mood. A bar, where nothing is served which is not absolutely perfect. There is harmony and beauty in the cocktails.

My company felt inspired by the Bond theme and ordered a Martini. To be precise, an Espresso Martini. Not only stirred, but also smoked, and she had her best and most beautiful Espresso Martini ever. The composition of the ingredients and the presentation are a lasting experience for all the senses. In the simplicity lies the complexity.

What makes a bar adventure even more special and unforgettable?

It is the experiences. I have had the pleasure of meeting the famous cocktail writer François Monti. He entered the bar and I had to smile because of his surprised face. I met him for the first time in the autumn in Athens, and afterwards I bought his book “101 Cocktails to try before you die”. He recognised me right away. By the way, when I ordered my first drink, the bartender had asked me twice, whether I was perhaps a colleague. Then, François told him, that I am a very passionate and well educated drinker. In the end, it is all about the little stories that happen along the way. I love my hobby and this lovely bar.