Bar Home in Tainan – Bar Bistro that feels like Home

Bar Home in Tainan – Bar Bistro that feels like Home

This charming bar is renowned for its craft cocktails and welcoming atmosphere. It takes pride in incorporating fresh, locally sourced ingredients into the drinks. Bar Home has earned a stellar reputation, thanks in no small part to Manager Huang Yixiang, affectionately known as Axiang, who honed his skills in well-known Tainan bars like TCRC which opened in 2010. If I understood correctly, TCRC is a cornerstone of Tainan’s bar scene, with a legacy that extends beyond its doors. Many of TCRC’s former bartenders have gone on to open their own bars, contributing to the city’s vibrant cocktail culture.

Finding your way to Bar Home is an adventure in itself – if you’re expecting a traditional storefront, you’re in for a surprise. Instead, keep an eye out for galvanised metal gates. Once you pass through them, you’ll be guided into a cosy house, hence the name “Home.” The interior is adorned with vibrant turquoise walls, elegant scarlet drapes, and rich, polished wood, creating a distinctive Victorian ambiance. As you step inside, you’ll immediately sense the bar’s dedication to the craft, especially when you see the well-stocked back bar. This commitment is further evident in its creative cocktail menu, which offers a delightful array of unique concoctions to enjoy.

The food and drink menu at this place is not only extensive but also thoughtfully curated. The drinks are thoughtfully paired with complimentary treats to elevate the overall drinking experience.

On my visit, I decided to try the Aztec Frescos, a delightful concoction based on tequila and mezcal, with hints of peacock echeveria, guava, matcha and yoghurt. To add to the experience, it was beautifully clarified and served with three perfectly matched jellies.In Taiwan, carbonated beverages have become quite the trend, and I couldn’t resist trying A Ginger Order. This fizzy delight combined sake, gin, plum wine, tea tree oil, jasmine, ginger and makauy for a refreshingly unique taste.

As someone who has recently discovered the joy of cookie-accompanied cocktails, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to savour the Beans Waltz. This drink not only transported me back to sweet childhood memories of German cookies like Prinzenrolle but also delighted my taste buds with a blend of scotch whisky, gin, white wine, red bean paste, longan and oolong tea. To top it off, the drink underwent a milk clarification process and came with a generously sized cookie featuring the bar’s logo. Simply delicious! Accompanying my drinking adventure were delicious dumplings from the food menu. Whether you’re a cocktail connoisseur or simply seeking a cosy spot to relax, Bar Home guarantees a memorable and delightful experience.

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