Bar Boca – 50s Retro Bar with History

Bar Boca – 50s Retro Bar with History

The next bar on that day was the Bar Boca. This bar is also located in Grünerløkka and just a few houses next to the Aku Aku. The bartender of the No. 19 told me that this bar was the cradle of Oslos bar scene. It opened it doors at 1996 and the most bartenders worked at this place before they started their own business. So, this bar was a absolute must for Thanos because he is also the founder of Athens bar scene.

As we entered the bar, we found ourselves back in the 50s. It is decorated in a 50s retrostyle, a bit run down but also charming. Unfortunately the bar staff wasn’t charming at all, their attitude was more “Nordic”. The bar counter is a nice 50s masterpiece with according bar stools but we decided to sit at a table.

The menu is a simple folded list of many drinks and I also heard that they published an own book with recipies. The house cocktails looked interesting, solid with nice names and descriptions. We ordered the “New Amsterdam”, “The color of Olives” and a “Salmakern aka The Saddlemaker”. The bar maid took our order without any emotion but suddenly she gave Thanos a small smile. The atmosphere was relaxed. There were some guests sitting outside and a handful inside. All drinks came in coupettes.

It wasn’t a big wow effect but the drinks are rock-solid.

My “New Amsterdam” was nice and “The color of Olives” was surprising with the olive oil and the taste of basil. This place needs a bit maintenance or maybe they love it exactly because of it.