Bar Les Trois Rois in a Nutshell

Bar Les Trois Rois in a Nutshell

Bar Les Trois Rois is elegant, nobly discreet and successful. It is a mix of classics and individual creations.  Chef de bar Thomas Huhn invited me to spend an evening there. It was a sophisticated drinking experience in a romantic ambience where I felt transported to another time. Join me on a sip.

What do you expect from a hotel bar? Elegance, impeccable service, a warm welcome, a beautiful view, a rare selection of spirits, maybe live piano music, a nice cigar? Welcome to the Bar Les Trois Rois! Located in the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois in Basel, it is one of the oldest city hotels in Europe. Founded in 1681 as an inn for gentlemen, rebuilt in 1844 as a Grand Hotel. What awaits you are exquisite cocktails, wine and some delicious bites. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxing. My seat was, as always, at the bar where the magic happens but you can also lounge on the sofas and watch the Rhine wind its way through Basel. Cigar lovers will find an impressive selection of rare cigars in the Cigar lounge downstairs, whiskies and rums alike. Thank you so much for making my stay so special.

Let my pictures do the talking.

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One little niggle: Your drinks definitely deserve better ice – such a simple thing that would perfectly round off the whole experience.