Kolokotroni 9 – and the drinking is easy ♬

Kolokotroni 9 – and the drinking is easy ♬

This isn’t very surprising but I was back in my favourite bar city. It is hard to resist once you have tasted Greek hospitality. The high degree of professionalism without losing happiness and lightheartedness is very tempting. So, but what has happened in the meantime. There were some new openings and new menus. I couldn’t manage all of them but I did my best. Let’s start the news with the new menu of Kolokotroni 9.

This bar is one of my favourite bars. It is small and cosy, the vibe is tropical and easy going. I like the urban style, the plants and the wooden boat on the wall painted in petrol colour.

Kolokotroni 9 is a real hide-away if you are looking for a tropical paradise, good vibes and flavourful drinks.

The bartenders are open-minded and very friendly. If you take a closer look at the illuminated shelves full of spirits, you will find lovely decorations and many dried flowers and herbs.

Tropical atmosphere, playful details, good music, local flowers and herbs are the main character of this drinking den. I have already written about a drink that is forever anchored in the depth of my taste memory. I have had many drinks in my life, good drinks, perfect drinks but not so many drinks that really touched me, that left a kind of tattoo on my taste buds. Dimitris Giakoumakis is the handsome brain behind the concept. He has a high level of accuracy and passion. The drinks are always decorated with love and they always have a little something extra, that transform them into some of the best. I know that taste is an individual thing, but at this place you will find perfectly balanced and very elegant drinks. Dimitris is also a music producer, that means your ears are also treated well.

From the new menu I opted for the Southern Bees. This is a version of a classical Sazerac with a Spanish brandy, Jamaican rum, enhanced with chamomile and absinthe. You have to sip the concoction through the pollen powder rim and enjoy the whole mixture. Altough it was still hot at midnight, I finished the drink so fast that the big hand carved ice chunk had no time to melt. It was delicious, a perfect summer Sazerac, boozy and light at the same time. My favourite at the moment.

A Pear of Sangria was my next drink of choice. More fruity and less boozy. A refreshing drink, wine based and rounded off with semi-sweet Italian Carpano vermouth chaperoned by a pear flavour, bergamot and chamomile.

What about an ice cream version of a Last Word? At Lust no Words is the name of the interpretation at 9. I’d never had any Chartreuse ice cream before, but it is delicious. There is also gin, lemon, and some thyme honey that makes the drink a serious one. Its pleasant acidity and creamy texture with the botanicals makes a perfect summer Last Word.

The slogan of the new menu is 9 and the drinking is easy. I totally agree, it is easy to choose a drink because they are all great, easy and simple as that.