Provocateur gets a French Touch

Provocateur gets a French Touch

Some of you will surely remember the glorious event when Baba Au Rum popped up in Berlin for a whole week. It was a big challenge to organise an event for seven days, to find a location that fitted the idea of Baba Au Rum, to find sponsors and so on, but in the end, I realised a long-cherished dream and it was a great success.

This year started out more easily. Isaac Renouard Larivière, Brand Ambassador at Ferrand Germany, came to me and asked if we could organise a new event together. Now I had the sponsors first and a dedicated budget. But still, the “where and who” was to organise and think about. When I think about the brand Ferrand, the first thought that comes to mind is France. Dear readers of my website already know that I travel the European bar scene. One of the most refined drinks I have had so far was in Paris. I love the interaction between cocktails and food and the seemingly nonchalant way drinks are presented. “Let’s give Berlin a French touch,” said Isaac. The idea was born.

Finding an appropriate location is tricky if you are on a tight budget. But wow, we found a glamorous one: Provocateur, a Hotel Bar in Berlin, which has been nominated for several Mixology Awards this year. They have a nice bar team, the atmosphere is posh and intimate, they have a DJ and a professional music system, there is a kitchen attached to enable professional preparation of the drinks. For the guest bartenders the hotel offers some rooms, so they can sink into bed right after their shift. This year the conditions are deluxe, there is even a chauffeur service available. I am really excited.

The guy supporting us is none other than the bar manager Tarek Nix. We firmly believe that we can continue the success of the past year and if you see the lineup there is nothing more to add.

There will be French Flair at Provocateur. Cognaclicious and Rumtastic nights await you, paired with Ginious bartenders.

And here is when the magic happens:

Sunday, 7th October starting at 11pm

Join us for some Ginious concoctions by the hot Nico de Soto supported by Lolita.

Monday, 8th October starting at 10pm

Let’s surf the Tiki wave with Scotty Schuder supported by Bosun Ola und Cameron Cresswell. Rumtastic libations await you.

Tuesday, 9th October starting at 10pm

Remy Savage and Mido Yahi are behind the stick tonight. Let yourself be enchanted by the best smile in the bar world.


There will be outstanding drinks, that’s for sure. Come by and let your taste buds be enchanted, and your ears treated to great music. An event not to be missed.

A quick word about me – Drink & Draw

Going to bars is my passion. I am a cocktail enthusiast and a very well educated drinker. My favourite place is at the bar counter watching bartenders working. The precision in their gestures, their creativity, their knowledge about drinks and drink history fascinate me. Due to the fact that I am a bit forgetful, I started to write about my bar experiences in 2012. My passion became more and more serious and also my writing more extensive and professional. Not only that, I started to make scribbles, even if I am not an artist. I am really proud that I got the opportunity to create one part of the flyer for the upcoming event. Here are all the details:

Thank you for making this happen:

Plantation Rum, Citadelle Gin de France, Cognac Pierre Ferrand  and Provocateur Berlin