Rotkehlchen – A cosy nest, a home from home

Rotkehlchen – A cosy nest, a home from home

When in Münster under no circumstances should you miss this adventure. Beside intimate cocktail bars, I love the holistic approach of serving all the things I need for my culinary pleasure in one place. Delicious plates and elegant cocktails are a harmonious mixture. A restaurant and bar concept, simple as that. Not only a playground for chefs and bartenders but also for the Barstalker.

What awaits you at Rotkehlchen in Münster is a living room with an open kitchen and bar. As soon as you enter you know that you are in the right place. A smile and a warm welcome: you immediately feel in good hands. The living room atmosphere is reflected in the décor. Cosy cottage style, playful details, pleasant colours and a wallpaper full of birds. The name of the bar Rotkehlchen means robin in English. There are two large rooms that can host more than fifty guests. A colourful mixture of old and new that fits harmoniously together and instantly lifts your mood. Cosiness in all corners.

The concept of the bar is simple: Make guests happy and give them time to relax and enjoy. Cooking, mixing, hosting!

Since Rotkehlchen has been a much-coveted place for 6 years now, a reservation is recommended. I’m not a big fan of reservations because I start to feel stressed when I think about the next guests coming. But here it is different. Each table is reserved just once per night. The guest should feel at home, relax, forget about the daily routine and have enough time to enjoy.

What is the recipe for Rotkehlchen’s big success? They have already won many gastronomy awards and they are on everyone’s lips. It is the focus on their guests and the sensorial experience they offer. The bar team infuses love, passion and attention to detail into preparing the right flavour combinations. Cocktail pairing is not new but at Rotkehlchen the whole menu comes with corresponding drinks and you can enjoy it every day.

The brains behind the concept are Marie and Nicklas Rausch. Both trained in the gastronomic business and their professionalism shines through. Nicklas is the chef and responsible for the tasty bites. Marie is the “liquid chef” and responsible for the cocktails. They have created a perfect marriage of bar and kitchen.

Drinks with a kitchen twist and focus on homemade ingredients. Food inspired by the availability of locally sourced fresh ingredients.


Their seasonal menu is constantly evolving and tailored to the guest. The menu features both individual cocktail creations and classics. The drinks and the food are crafted to spark the taste buds with flavours inspired by the availability of locally sourced fresh ingredients. The right flavour combinations emphasised with glassware and a suitable garnish are a palate treat and eye candy. The main highlight is the food menu which is tastefully accompanied by either cocktails, gin or wine.

The right wine to accompany food is popular, but food accompanied by the right cocktail or gin is rather unusual. Guests love it, and for me it was a lasting impression.

The backbar is packed with bottles, and on the bar counter jars filled with spices, herbs and fruits pile up. The whole place is open and the kitchen and bar area are well connected. The kitchen crew and the bar team work closely together to find the right combination of flavours, relying mainly on their knowledge and lengthy experience.

I was there during the Aquavit week last month and so the menu was focussed on the spirit of the Nordics. The food was fantastic and the drinks harmonious integrated. My special moment at Rotkehlchen was when the bartender served me a Nordic twist on an Aviation with a big smile and said: “I stalked you”. Dear readers of my website already know that I have this “floral affair” with the Aviation.

Here is Damian Werg’s recipe:

4 cl Linie Aquavit Port Cask
1.0 cl Lemon Juice
1.0 cl Luxardo Maraschino
2 barspoons  Crème de Violette
2 pipettes of bitters, Ms. Better’s Green Strawberry Mah Kwan

Swapping out the gin for aquavit is a brilliant idea. I was a bit sceptical before the first sip but the spirit gives the drink a strong backbone and builds a fantastic bridge to the velvet. Citrusy and bright with a floral note. Also the bitters round it off wonderfully. It was served with a sorbet but I had it on its own.

Their mission is just simple. They want to make their guests happy. Mission accomplished. More than warmly recommended. Visit Rotkehlchen and on Facebook