🍸About me

🍸About me

My adventures are a Cocktailย of Spirit sweetened with Love and Passion and spiced up with a dash of Individuality.

I am a cocktail lover and elegant serious drinking has become my passion. My passion for beverage and bars is infinite. I look for drinks which touch my soul and leave a lasting memory on my taste buds. Luckily, I have already had a couple of those experiences. To have an excellent crafted drink in a special atmosphere with relaxing music is one of my expectations of a special evening. Sitting directly at the bar, in front of the bartenders and the spirit(s), is essential for a successful evening.

My criteria for a perfect bar are: craftsmanship, attention and understanding of the bartender, selection of spirits, atmosphere and comfortable seating. But at the end of the day, it is not the bars and cocktails but the experiences that make these nights unique and perfect. I write about my feelings and impressions not about recipes and cocktail history, and do not pass criticism. Welcome to my world 🍸

If I were a cocktail I would be a Rose.
Classic yet relevant, simple yet complex.

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