One year in Berlin

One year in Berlin

One year in Berlin and you find at least one bar adventure per month. When I moved into my new flat, my neighbours told me that it will take minimum a year to get used to Berlin. Seems like I managed it although it wasn’t easy. Now I am sitting right at that point where all began. The bar Immertreu was the place where I met a guy who is now my boss. We had last year our christmas party in this bar and almost one year later we are exactly at the same place.

 The place where you get the best Seelbach.

Today filled with a magnum bottle of champagne. Cheers to the tough start in this crazy city. Cheers to Ricardo whos place changed my life’s direction.

It was my first time not sitting at the bar counter but in the lounge area with my colleagues instead. Business talk, various drinks and a delicous Manhattan variation with port wine. The night was short like always here. My liver and I need a break and I am looking forward to the upcoming year.

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