Baba Au Rum = BAR = ❤

Baba Au Rum = BAR = ❤

It is such a joy to be able to prepare my own breakfast and not to be woken up by the cleaning crew of a hotel. I enjoyed the sun and myself on the balcony. By now there are already heaps of bars in Athens which are worth a visit. But my first visit is to Baba Au Rum where I received a warm welcome.

After my asian food I opted out a “Daiquiri” variation with cilantro. Tasty and refreshing. The cilantro was followed by rosmary. It came as a “Pisco Chicano” that is a Pisco based highball including lime, sugar, Angostura Bitters filled with Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer. In this case the bartender took Ginger Beer and some rosmary. Dry herbal and refreshing, a savory drink to survive a long bar night.

Peru is already on my top 10 list of next travel destinations and I was pleasantly surprised when I say on Facebook that one of the bartenders of Baba au Rum was already there. Since he returned everybody is forced to drink Pisco at Baba, one of his colleague told me with a smile. When I started with cocktails I often ordered a “Pisco Sour”. Now and then I found some other drinks with Pisco on the menues but not many times. One of the underrated spirits in bars I think.

I watched what was happening behind the bar. Many drinks are thrown what I already noticed during my last visit here. I have to confess that I love the art of throwing a drink and I also appreciate the result of it. Some drinks really benefit from this technique. Maybe this is also a good stretching for the bartenders back from time to time?

Cleanliness is a criteria which I rarely mention because it isn’t a criteria at all, it is a matter of course. The workplace and the bar must be clean. I mention it now because I realised that the bartender clean every bottle after using it and put it back in the shelf. Order and scrupulous cleanliness is found at this place. Time just flew by, having good conversations and excellent drinks. So I haven’t been at another bar and therefore the bartender served me a “Rum Sour” variation including spices and some fruitiness. The foam on top is not real egg white, it is a substitute. Some people shiver from the idea of drinking raw eggs. In mediterranean countries they substitute the raw eggs due to the temperatures. I also saw that in Portugal when they used a homogenised egg white from a tetra pak.

It was time to leave. On the way back I said hello and good night to the bartender at Clumsies without having a further drink. The streets were empty that night and I headed through the silence towards my apartment.

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