Charity and cocktails – Bacardí Legacy Global Cocktail Competition 2017

Charity and cocktails – Bacardí Legacy Global Cocktail Competition 2017

Zero waste, sustainability, fair trade, local food and so on are serious buzz words everyone’s talking about at the moment. It is about saving our planet and it is about helping and supporting others in need. Luckily we live in a world where we have the possibilty to do so.

This month the final of the Bacardí Legacy Global Cocktail Competition 2017 will take place in my home town Berlin. The best bartenders from 38 countries are coming to compete to win. Today I cherry-pick my favourite bartenders in this competition.

Greece will be represented this year by Loreta Toska with her drink Silver Lining. Turkey will be represented for the first time by Osman Fethi Baycan, who will compete for the global title with his drink eFe. The competition is about creating a drink that has the potential to become a true classic. If you win you become legendary. Sounds huge, right? The cocktail’s success is evaluted over a few months by Bacardi to ensure it is not a „one hit wonder“. It takes time for a drink to become a true classic. You have to travel to many bars, make guestshifts and serve your drinks to the guests around the world. This is what Loreta and Osman did and still do. But let us return to the drinks and the charity aspect.

Silver Lining by Loreta Toska

Silver Lining is a concept-cocktail, whose optimism and vision have gone a long way. It is Loreta Toska’s signature cocktail as head bartender at Theory Bar&More in Athens. Loreta took her ideas one step further when she travelled around Greece and abroad sharing her inspiring recipe. Other than its rich texture and taste thanks to an original mix of ingredients, Silver Lining’s success lies in the concept behind the recipe, essentially a message of optimism and hope.

Good things come from bad things so look for the Silver Lining.

That is Loreta Toska´s motto and she designed an entire Silver Lining campaign around it. Just before the final destination of a fascinating journey that became an online viral sensation, Loreta invites us to share the positive message with the world. Silver Lining is calling all cocktail lovers to come together on Monday May 8 for a good cause. The cocktail’s creator will be serving it at ‘Room’, a space within The Clumsies bar, while artworks inspired by Silver Lining’s cheerful message will surround her. Guest artists: Chariton Bekiaris, Eleonora Toska, Theome and George Alexander Papatsimbas.

Sixteen bars across Athens will take part in the event by serving Silver Lining as a gesture of good will for the occasion. For every Silver Lining you order on the day, funds will be donated to help support the Hospice for the Disabled. The 16 bars part of the event: 9Βητα, A for Athens, Boogie Bar, Borsalino, CV Distiller, Gin Joint, Holy Spirit, Noel, Odori Vermuteria di Atene, Six Dogs, Spoiled, The Bank Job, The Clumsies, Theory Βar & Μore, Upupa Epops, White Monkey

eFe of the night by Osman Fethi Baycan

It is the story about how a Cuba Libre became a cocktail. A well-executed and tasty one!

eFe cocktail is Osman Fethi Baycan’s signature cocktail as head bartender of Alexandra Cocktail Bar in Istanbul. Osman’s inspiration was indeed the Bacardi Cuba Libre and it’s history which is similar to the Turkish history. In Turkish Culture efe sort of means hero because bunch of women and men came together and showed up as a volunteer in Turkish Independence War. The members of the group called their selves as efe, they helped to change the course of the history and were awarded with the Medallion of Independence when the republic was declared. “We’re saving souls every night behind the bar which means, we are the efe of the night! Efe dedicated to Facundo Bacardi and to all great leaders against the odds”, says Osman. The drink itself combines rum Bacardi 8, Martini Rosso, reduced cola, maple liqueur and drops of hazelnut oil. Served in a chilled coupette and garnished with a lime peel. The hazelnut oil is very aromatic and leaves a silky and pleasant mouthfeel. By the way Turkey is the largest hazelnut producer in the world. The reduced cola is an essential part of the drink.

Efe cocktail for Bacardi Legacy has teamed with the foundation of Trees and Nature for a project aimed at increasing o2 levels and green in our world. The following bars decided to join this project to preserve nature because nature is really important for us. eFe cocktail going to plant white oak trees to increase o2 and green in our world for these bars honor.


I keep my fingers crossed and wish you all the very best of luck and success in this competition ❤