Bad Frankie – Brutally Local, 100 % Australian

Bad Frankie – Brutally Local, 100 % Australian

I saved my favourite two bar adventures in Melbourne for last. The best is yet to come. Both concepts shaped by their own “style and personality”, experienced and knowledgeable. Both concepts are owner-managed and independent and do not belong to large companies. I am continuing with Bad Frankie that ticks all the boxes to explore Australia by its spirits.

For over five years craft spirits have been a big issue in Australia and exactly five years ago Bad Frankie opened its doors. “There are distilleries that distill excellent products in Melbourne, and I wanted and want to make them accessible to a wide audience,” Sebastian Costello, owner of the bar, explained to me. Inspired by his travels through Mexico and the US and the various tequila and bourbon-oriented bars, Costello wondered why not focus on local spirits as well.

Bad Frankie is Australia’s first bar dedicated to Australian spirits, beers and wine.

As soon as you enter the venue, the enormous back bar catches your eye. You will find more than 500 spirits on the shelves including whisky from Tasmania, Australian rum, gins, vermouth, amaros, anise and even local brandy.

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With such an unexpected breathtaking variety, what should you order?

My recommendation would be the bar’s tasting flights and pair it with mouthwatering typical Australian “jaffles”, tasty grilled cheese sandwiches. Food for the soul with childhood memories and high-quality products. The cosy bar not only serves drinks but also provides additional specialist expertise and master classes. Also local distilleries are given the opportunity to present their products and give information first hand. The independent distiller community is also booming in Australia at the moment.

Bad Frankie, 100% Australian.

With his concept, Sebastian Costello and his team meet the Zeitgeist: support for local and regional products and reduction of the ecological footprint. It was a great experience to sip through the country and have the opportunity to talk to Sebastian. There are not many places that make you feel like family within a minute. A must visit- Bad Frankie.