Hula Bula Bar, Perth – Exotic, Tiki, Rumtastic

Hula Bula Bar, Perth – Exotic, Tiki, Rumtastic

There are a lot of best and worth a visit lists out there. Perth boasts having so many small bars, with so many different concepts that you can definitely find the one that suits your taste just around the corner. Perth is known for its sunshine, natural beauty and relaxed pace. No wonder you have been able to find Tiki Escapism here at its best for almost 13 years now. Let’s take a look inside the tropical world of Hula Bula.

What an amazing and eye-catching interior was my first thought when I entered Hula Bula Bar! I felt like I had entered the film set of Blue Hawaii and would find Elvis Presley sitting right at the bar. A tropical Tiki oasis in Perth in the style of the 50s and 60s. A rumtastic selection of vintage rum awaits you and your ears are treated to calypso music and the like. Besides the tropical drinks, there is homemade ice cream made using an original ice cream machine which the owner brought from Italy. Go for the Rum n’ Raisin, a creamy pleasure with lots of rum and love. Take a look behind the beautiful door and surround yourself with kitschy and colourful décor. Bamboo, palm leaves and tiki mugs transport you right to a tropical hideaway.

Everything about it feels authentic, from the friendly owner to the well skilled and knowledgeable staff. Rum lovers will be delighted.

I started with a Rum Old Fashioned. The drink list is, of course, focussed on rum based tiki drinks. Highlighting the tropical cocktails from tiki’s mid-century heyday plus heavily guarded top secret Hula Bula recipes. The selection of rum is stunning and it is simply too difficult to choose just a single spirit to tantalise your taste buds. So I asked for an Australian rum tasting flight. Trying local spirit is the best way to explore a country, right? I had never heard about the Hoochery Distillery before nor tasted Australian rum. The owner of the distillery has a strong passion for alcohol and is a bit of a character — and so is the taste of his rum! Intensive barrel smell, full flavour, strong, boozy but with a smooth finish. A great experience and worth a try.

Hoochery Distillery is Australian owned and operated by a family business. Ord River Rum is from local sugar cane, wet season rainwater and yeast that is all vat fermented, pot distilled, aged in Oak barrels and hand bottled. Everything, from the still to the building itself, was crafted from materials found around the farm. Learn more about their story.

Exotic cocktails and boozy ice cream enjoyed in a rum-soaked atmosphere. Hula Bula Bar has been a tropical paradise in the heart of Perth city for almost 13 years now.

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