Provocateur Bar has given its cocktail menu a new shake up

Provocateur Bar has given its cocktail menu a new shake up

The renowned Provocateur Bar has recently launched its new cocktail menu. The bar is located on the ground floor of the Provocateur Hotel and was awarded the “Hotel Bar of the Year” by the Mixology Bar Awards in 2019. Red velvet, dimly-lit atmosphere with a dash of burlesque charm transfers you right to the glamorous 20s of Berlin.

Liquids, Leisure, L’ Amour. Provocateur Bar has given its cocktail menu a new “shake up”. Join me for a sip.

When Tarek Nix, the bar manager, gave me the menu, I held a small highly glossy magazine in my hands. I gently stroked across the surface and could feel the letters. A handy size and easy to flip through. The creative force behind the drinks is the team that was awarded “Bar Team of the Year” by the Mixology Bar Awards in 2019. The menu was an excellent piece of teamwork in keeping with the motto “all for one and one for all”. Provocateur hired illustrator Daniel Jakubowski “Mr.7” to design the menu. I had the pleasure of sitting next to him to chat about the idea, the layout and also share some sips of the delicious concoctions. ”The new menu is inspired by old magazines of the 20s”, Daniel told me, adding that he had found some Vintage magazines at the flea markets that he used to recreate the spirit of a 20s lifestyle magazine, like using different font types and a yellowed print. The magazines in the 20s were more a mix and match of various fonts and pictures. Fashion, sports, travel, art, and movies were the topics of the magazines in those days and you will find these categories in the drink list, for example, the drink Catwalk is for fashion and Wimbledon for sports. In addition to the cocktails, the menu also includes advertisements, the history of the bar, tips for going out and a story about German Korn Schnapps. The stories were written by Stefan Adrian, journalist and author of several books. It was an honour to share some drinks and talk to him, too. A very professional line up for the new menu I would say.

The menu masquerades as a 20s lifestyle magazine. Beautifully illustrated with informative articles. Storytelling is the way to educate guests to better drinking.

Let’s have a look at the drinks. The new menu includes 10 cocktails, 1 Punch Bowl and 2 non-alcoholic drinks. Split into Cocktails Part 1 and Part 2, the menu is easy to understand. All the drinks come in attractive glassware with a kind of “sticker” alongside. The central idea through the menu is a drink paired with an edible aroma extension – the sticker. Basically, every libation highlights a selected spirit and is fine-tuned with the paired aroma booster.

Lovely shots were provided by © Provocateur

The aroma extensions are made from wafer-thin fondant icing printed with a matching motif for each drink using a special food printer. This printed “paper” is used as the carrier for the in-house made essences and should be eaten together with the cocktail. For example, the drink Slender is served with the motif of a popcorn bag, referencing the movie “The Thin Man”. Throughout the movie, the glamorous couple constantly drink their Martinis from glassware, which today we know as a Nick & Nora. The Slender comes in a beautiful Nick & Nora glass. The mix of gin, plum, marzipan, matcha, and verjus is delicate and perfume-like and is served with a Patschuli aroma extension. The drinks are serious yet fun.

My drink gallery with the aroma extensions © Barstalker

The illustrations convey the feelings and emotions that cocktails evoke. Each style of drink is enhanced by the illustration and its visual presentation.

One of my favourite drinks from the new menu is Frida. Not only because I love agave, but because of the perfect combination of tequila, pear, pistachio orgeat and lime. All in all, not too heavy and a perfect sipper. Served with an edible essence paper that surprises your palate. Looking for more drinkspiration? What about a beautiful drink, elegantly and perfectly executed. Glow is a crystal clear combination of Korn, beetroot, cucumber, white chocolate, pineapple and lemon. The cotton candy aroma side supports the flavour superbly. Thirsty? Now, let your taste buds be the judge and enjoy a wonderful night at Provocateur. For the hungry among us, there is excellent bar food too.

The menu has improved both in taste and design. Personally, I would say it has “come of age”.

Browse the brand-new menu and if you like it buy it // Visit Provocateur Bar // Some pictures were provided by Provocateur