Immertreu – Take a seat and have a drink

Immertreu – Take a seat and have a drink

One of my favourite bars in Berlin has long been and still is Immertreu. Hidden, intimate, and a place for serious drinkers. The idea is simple: serving classical cocktails and providing a very selected spirit collection. It is one of the rare places for classic and rock-solid drinks in Berlin.

The motto of the bar is “Serious Drinking”.

The ingredients are combined perfectly without any airs and graces. The spirit selection is outstanding and Immertreu provides the best quality products with love. You will find a collection of rare Bourbons, Scotches, Rums and Gins. It is an institution and everybody who likes cocktails and comes to Berlin should at least visit this place once. The ability to hold your drink is also quite useful because the drinks are strong. The décor is low key and low-lit: red curtains and a warm bronze glow. Find a seat at the long bar counter, where you will have the best view of that flawlessly arranged spirit collection. If you prefer to sink into a fat leather armchair, you can do so in the small lounge area.

Take a seat, relax and have a drink. Maybe Champagne and Bourbon?

My all-time favourite at Immertreu is a Seelbach, a cocktail that brings bourbon and champagne together. Cointreau, Angostura and Peychaud’s bitters perfectly round off the mixture. The drink used to be one of the forgotten classics but recently it was revealed that the story behind the drink was made up or just a nice fairy tale. Regardless, this drink is elegant, flavourful, bitter and powerful. Especially the version by Ricardo Albrecht, the owner of Immertreu and an institution in the bar business. Highly recommended and strictly for serious drinkers.

Here is Ricardo Albrecht’s recipe:

45 ml Noah’s Mill Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

15 ml Cointreau

4-5 dashes Angostura

4-5 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters

Stir ingredients over ice, strain into a chilled glass, top with Champagne and garnish with orange zest. The secret lies in the 57.15 % Vol. of the bourbon and you have to use an acidic dry champagne. Well, Ricardo, here’s to you.

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