BrassClub – Fusion Drinking Culture

BrassClub – Fusion Drinking Culture

Mallorca was my bar destination for Christmas. It was time to relax a bit from a stressful year and from the Christmas bustle at home. I exchanged the grey sky of Berlin for a blue and sunny one. While I was coming back from a walk I passed an interesting looking bar. The plate said BrassClub, and the name Rafa Martín mentioned underneath rang a bell.

Rafa Martín grew up in the restaurant field and had already started to take part in cocktail competitions at the age of 16. The internationally renowned mixologist opened BrassClub in 2013 and has created a place for drinks with a creative presentation, glassware, garnish and an artistically designed cocktail list that changes regularly. But, it is not only the drinks that bring the wow factor to the guest of BrassClub.

Rafa Martín transferred the style of international bars to Mallorca. Sophisticated cocktails and extravagant design.

Brassclub is in the style of cocktail bars found in Barcelona, London and even New York. The bar features a very elegant and extravagant interior. The place seems to be bathed in red golden light. You will find a long bar counter and a huge line up of spirits. I would estimate more than 300 bottles. If you look up to the ceiling you will find exactly 3.420 bottles arranged as a huge lamp. It was designed by Xavier Claramunt, an architect from Barcelona, who was inspired by the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. The decoration is very chic and the atmosphere intimate and comfortable. The bar hosts around 50 people inside with some more places on the terrace.

Once you have opened the well-designed cocktail list you will find simple cocktails with a twist or some more lusciously decorated and very instagramable creations. The quality of the drinks is fundamental to a bar but in order to make the guests happy it takes more. Atmosphere, light, the music and especially the staff influence the guest experience greatly. I was very happy about the knowledgable and friendly “treatment” I had. The bar counter seemed to be smaller and I had the feeling that I was closer to where the magic happens.

I asked for a classic in the direction of Martinez and got a cognacilicious play on it. Sipsmith, Courvousier, Carpano Classico and some drops of Maraschino thrown in long bows to give a nice texture. I was very pleased and also tasted the lovely nuts and crisps that were served alongside. Rafa Martín worked with the best chef in Mallorca so you can expect some tasty titbits, lovingly and skilfully created.

Creative cocktails paired with excellent bar food is always a great idea. A lot of my inspiration for cocktails comes from food.

I totally relied on the bartender’s recommendations that night and we had a nice talk about the bar scene in general and the drinking habits of the guests in particular. Mezcal, for example, is not very common but we both agreed that we love it. The result was a savoury Margarita pimped with a Los Danzantes Mezcal. It combined strong flavours, offered complexity but at the same time remained very simple.

The BrassClub’s version of a Cuba Libre was amazing. 5cl Santa Santa Teresa, 1cl Martin Miller’s London Dry, lime, ginger syrup, Angostura Bitters and a small shot of Coke Zero. To give the extra Cuban feeling and spice, the libation had been smoked with a Cohiba no. 4. Nothing more to add! Nice for the eyes and the taste buds.

Condiments, aromas, flavours, history and experience brought from several trips to different countries greatly influences the creative process of the cocktail craftsmanship.

Similar to the fusion cuisine that combines elements of different culinary traditions. Tabbulé Mule for example is a libation made with Kraken Rum, ginger, basil, sesame and parsley leaves with citrus. One of the coolest combinations of traditional Lebanese cuisine. I finished my drinking menu with a simple and refreshing Espresso Martini. Caffeine, sugar and a big shot of Tequila, a delicious idea to pick me up from my comfortable barstool. You have to try their Negroni al Tartuffo. Gin, Campari, Cinzano 1757, Amontillado Sherry and Chinotto Liquor aged for 3 months in an oak barrel.

I didn’t except so many high-quality drinking places in Palma. What I love the most about my bar experiences in Palma de Mallorca is that the spotlight is certainly on the guests. There is always a special relationship between a city and its bars. They are the main sights of my trips and they always reflect the spirit and lifestyle of the whole city.

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