Mr. Susan New in Town – Having an Aviation

Mr. Susan New in Town – Having an Aviation

Mr. Susan celebrated its opening in the last week of June. It is the latest launch on Berlin’s bar map. A bar that strives to bring great drinks to your table and smiles to your faces, what else could you ask for?

It was already late when I went downstairs into the basement room. Mr. Susan is housed in a typical Berlin basement. You will find it in Mitte at the corner of Krausnick and Oranienburgerstrasse. An old pub has been transferred into a new bar. The brains behind the concept are no strangers to the world of gastronomy. Susan M. Choi, Shawn Beck and Damien Guichard.

It is a potent mix of a street food guru, a bar manager and last but not least one of the most talented bartenders in town.

As soon as you enter the venue you are surrounded by a lovely colour concept. Peacock blue walls, rosé terrazzo tiles and the golden brass shelves for the backbar give the place a stylish atmosphere. There are many details to discover: the nice wall lighting in the form of peacocks, the luxuriant wallpaper and even the toilets are on point.

Wallpaper Love.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Mr. Susan (@hellomrsusan) am

The dark blue and rosé colours contrast harmoniously, like night & day. The cocktail menu reflects the same colours. The pink side lists early evening aperitif drinks because the place is open from 5 pm every Tuesday through to Saturday. A good opportunity to celebrate the end of the workday. There will be some delicious tidbits to accompany your drink soon. The blue side offers twelve cocktails crafted with passion. The innovative drinks come from the mind of Damien Guichard, one of the most talented bartenders in town. He has a great personality, is humble and super funny. Go for the Sesame! Fatwashed Tyrconnell Irish Whiskey, Madeira, Apricot Brandy, topped with Lambrusco and finished with some drops of sesame oil.

My Aviation Project is coming to an end and the final one was made by Damien. His Gin of choice was a Hayman’s Old Tom Gin. The light herbal-spiciness and the lightly-sweetened gin style suits the Aviation very well. He also adds a bit of sugar which balances the sourness of the lemon perfectly, not too sweet at all.

5 cl Hayman’s Old Tom Gin

1.8 cl Lemon Juice

0.7 cl Luxardo Maraschino

0.5 cl Sugar

3 dashes of Bigallet Crème de Violette

Shake, fine strain and serve in a nice cocktail glass without any garnish. That was my 13th Aviation and there couldn’t have been a better finale.

Congratulations Mr. Susan for this new charming place you have created. I will be back!

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