Closed | No. 19 – invited by Patrick Swayze

Closed | No. 19 –  invited by Patrick Swayze

Next bar for the first night was No. 19. This bar exists now for four years. As I entered the bar, music of the 90s welcomed me. It is a huge space with two bar counter, one on the level you enter the bar, the other one is a bit lower hidden in a corner. First impression is “dark black”. It reminded me a bit of a music club but not in a negative way. Everything is easy and relaxed.

The menu hung on the wall in a frame and there is also a folded menu with the drinks. All drinks are classics but with an individual twist. Looked very tempting to me. It wasn’t busy so I found my preferred seat straight at the bar and a huge glass of water found its place in front of me.

The Rapscallion catched my eyes by the first look on the menu and I ordered straight away. The bartender looked at me and asked, if I had a Rapscallion before. I was a bit surprised and answered with the question: “Do you mean today or in my life? It sounded a bit too rude but the bartener started to smile. He asked if I mind if he modifies the recipe of scotch, px sherry and absinth. He took a bottle of Lagavulin 16 years. Who can resist Lagavulin? Together with vermouth and some espresso liquor the Coffee and Cigarettes was built. This drink is inspired by Murray’s role in the Jim Jarmusch film Coffee and Cigarettes. A cocktail with a shot of caffeine.

It combined strong flavours, and offered some complexity but at the same time remains very simple as such. And this is exactly how this bar appeared to me.

The bartender was very helpful and gave me a lot of recommendations for my stay. I really felt welcome and appreciated. The ambience was easy going and so the drinks. I asked for a drink lighter in colour drink. I got a sample of a Clairin Casimir Haiti Rum with a beautiful label I have never heard about. Strictly speaking it isn’t a rum, it is a sugar cane spirit from Haiti which is straight bottled with its full blow of 53,4 % abv. The sample reminded me of a string mezcal with a the fruity taste of a rhum agricole. Surprising and an exciting product that supported my Daiquire perfectly. The backboard is stacked up to the ceiling with nice and rare booze.

I had a wonderful stay at that bar and a nice talk with the bartender. They know how to treat their guests. To give samples is always an appreciative approach that indicates a good and serious bar.