Baba Au Rum Pop Up – A dream becomes reality

Baba Au Rum Pop Up – A dream becomes reality

Once upon a time, or how the idea was born

When I travelled to Athens to attend The American Dream Bar project by The Clumsies, where six of the greatest American bars popped up, I had the idea of bringing my favourite bar to my hometown. A bit tipsy after all the drinks served at this beautiful event, I went to Baba Au Rum and told the owner Thanos Prunarus that I wanted to organise a pop up together with him. I wasn’t thinking about the impact and all the challenges coming up at that moment. More on that later.

The bar scene in Athens has a very high and professional standard paired with outstanding warm hospitality. If you ever have experienced Greek hospitality you will definitely return.

A quick word about me – The Barstalker

It isn’t a secret that Athens is my favourite bar city and that I go there quite often. Going to bars is my passion, I am a cocktail enthusiast and a very well educated drinker. My favourite place is at the bar counter watching bartenders working. Their precision in their gestures, the creativity and their knowledge about drinks and history fascinate me. Due to the fact that I am a bit forgetful, I started to write about my bar experiences in 2012. My passion became more and more serious and also my writing became more extensive and professional.

Sharing my adventures with those who are interested is my personal credo. This is the reason why I wanted to bring one of my favourite bars to town

Let’s have a closer look at the idea

Now it is important to know that I am not a bartender and nor do I work in this industry. I earn my money in the IT sector working as a project manager. I am good at organising but on closer examination of organising a whole pop-up bar I was really lost. The idea itself is not new: pop-up shops, restaurants and bars only exist for a certain period of time in private homes, former factories or during festivals. The international bar scene has grown and guest shifts and pop ups have become an important part of the industry. The more I dealt with this subject the more it appeared practically impossible to me. All I was facing was costs and legal requirements. Some take my passion seriously, some don’t, and so there was no help in sight and the only thing in my head was:

Who is paying for all of this?

First of all, to eliminate all the legal stuff I looked for an existing fully-equipped bar. It would not be a pop-up in the usual sense, it would be a takeover. In the end, I found My June located in Prenzlauer Berg owned by the renowned Carsten Schröder. I found a bar and a helping hand.

First challenge solved. In fact, this was the smallest part. Maybe drinks will pay the rent but who will pay for the spirits, to fly in the whole Baba Au Rum team, the accommodation, their salaries, the decoration and so on. The industry has a lot of money but just telling them that I wanted to have my favourite bar in Berlin created neither enthusiasm for the idea nor a single cent. I was too proud to admit that although the idea was great, bringing it about was beyond my skills alone.

Sharing is caring…

and to make a long story short. Together with the whole Baba Au Rum team we managed it. We found the best brands ever to support the upcoming event. And the most important thing is, we found the best brands to fit Baba Au Rum Pop-Up in Berlin.

We would like to welcome you for 7 days of cocktails, Rum, Fun and music.

Taste the sunny Greek hospitality and escape the cheerless autumn weather in Berlin. Save the night. Support nice bars.

Sredzistraße 65 in Prenzlauer Berg

Thank you for making this happen:

Plantation Rum, Citadelle Gin de France, Cognac Pierre Ferrand, Clément Rhum, Skinos Mastiha Spirit, Otto’s Athens Vermouth, Three Cents, Barsol Pisco, The Bitter Truth, PUKKA handmade Aprons, Perfect Servce Collection by Stephan Hinz and Fine Magazine.