Cocktailende Nachtschwärmer featuring Alexandra Barstalker

Cocktailende Nachtschwärmer featuring Alexandra Barstalker

Cocktailende Nachtschwärmer (which by the way means something like Night Owls Making Cocktails) is the brainchild of Valerie Chartrain, Spiritsfully and Robert Schröter, It is a series of portraits of the bartenders that make the Berlin Bar Scene innovative and fascinating.

They invited me to talk about the standards of the German bar scene and its innovations. The podcast consists of three episodes. The first one is the warm-up, and in the second episode of our three-person conversation, we delve deeper into the question of what is and where are innovations, benefiting from our experience from all over the world. The third and last episode, we are questioning, if guest bartending is till a thing – what is that actually and what did it become? We also wonder: what does money bring to other metropolises’ bar scene? And how does the lack of money in Berlin influence the local bar scene? An exciting three-person conversation awaits you. Enjoy!

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Most of the episodes are in German but Episodes 15, 14 and 12 are in English.⁠ A new episode comes every two weeks. Be curious. Keep listening. Cheers to all.

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