Cocktails Spirits in Paris

Cocktails Spirits in Paris

After three years I am returning to Paris bar world and broaden my knowledge at the Cocktails Spirits.

How do you feel like a bar enthusiastic on a fair like this?

I’ am basically just a guest, a drinker with good knowledge, infinite passion and of course a barstalker. Visiting this fair was essential for me, because there can be found everything at once, celebrities, bar history, spirits, great presentations during the day and great experiences during the night. I returned completly exhausted but happy and try to organise my adventures now.

To make it easy from the professional side I link to the Live-Ticker of the Mixology Magazine. The good thing is, that I “stalked” Nils during his research and writing. Furthermore some impressions.


What did I like about it in particular?

  • They had real glassware for the samples
  • Mr. Schumann invited me for a coffee
  • The fair war exiting and very interesting, very good presentations with great speakers
  • I met heaps of great bartenders on one place
  • The crazy bar from St. Petersburg El Copitas, the guys really have “big balls” to present their illegal bar on the social networks and on a international fair.
  • The Greeks are still my favourits and Natalie brought me some new buttons for my bag
  • I met Simon Chollet who made my perfect Old Fashioned three years ago at Sherry Butt
  • I was sitting next to some guys from Mannheim who made me feel home on my trip
  • There will be a new bar soon in Frankfurt somebody told me

I didn’t like

  • Definitly the restrooms
  • Some fake faces