New menu at Bar Zentral

New menu at Bar Zentral

A cosy sunday evening with a good friend, a long and large dinner and for the coronation of the day a proper drink. I suggested the Bar Zentral, a great bar which is opened on Sundays. Due to the football games we were the only guests for a while. Thorsten, one of the owners wasn’t there but Max who unfortunately never take notice of me but still makes nice drinks.

The menu is new, has more drinks and is categorised in Classics and Sours, Islands and Bubbles, Fizzes and Punches and some more drinks. After my dinner I decided to go with the “Nuclear Banana Daiquiri” as a kind of dessert. It comes with Jamaican Rum, Appleton and Wray & Nephews Overproof, Banana und absinthe. A Daiquiri is a classical and popular drink and for me the banana is a freaky something extra. There are now some tiki drinks on the menu and I am wondering:

Why is no tiki bar in Berlin and who actually invented the Banana Daiquiri?

Anyway I gave it a try and the drink came in a tumbler with nice decoration. Refreshing and despite of the dominant fruit the rum was present. A nice drink for the summer, as well as the other drinks on the menu. My second drink of choice was a classical “Martinz” based on Ketel 1 Jonge Jenever. Solide and a good finish for this weekend. On my way home a song came into my mind ♬ ♬

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