Bryant & Mack Private Detectives – Confidential drinking

Bryant & Mack Private Detectives – Confidential drinking

Edinburgh is such a beautiful city and so full of fantastic bars and restaurants that I will never get tired of repeating it. There are loads of high class cocktail bar in one place. I really love the restaurant and bar concepts, where you can spend a whole evening indulging your senses. My dream bar is nonetheless a combination of intimacy, energy and good conversation. A dimly lit place holding around twenty people, elegant interior with comfy bar chairs. Decent music would complete the atmosphere.

The most intimate speakeasy inspired bar is Bryant & Mack Private Detectives, and from the very first moment I entered this drinking den, it was love at first sight. Warm colours and a wooden vintage interior welcome you. The venue is styled as a private detective agency. An interesting and rare selection of spirits can be admired in the huge cabinets.

A cosy bar, perfect service and delicious classically styled cocktails.This place is made for a drinking investigation.

The bar is named after one of the owners, Ross Bryant, whom I met personally during my visit. They opened in 2016. You could easily miss this place in Edinburgh’s Rose Street. The door is unobtrusive and the bar’s name in the frosted window could be overseen. A buzzer at the main door gives you a personal welcome. The bar hosts around twenty seats. There is a no standing policy which gives the place an extra charm. If you find all seats occupied they will call you back as soon as a space becomes available.

The menu comes in a brown envelop marked “confidential” and lists classic drinks and twists. Obviously, my place was at the bar. The bartender was a very lovely guy: polite, knowledgeable, friendly and talkative, all in all a fabulous host. My first drink of choice was Perla Nera. A black drink due to the activated charcoal. Sometimes this gives your mouth a chalky feeling but this drink wasn’t chalky at all. It was a delicious combination of Diplomatico rum, Fernet Branca Menta, Campari and rounded off with homemade berry treacle and cocoa bitters.

Next, I opted for Miss Soy Gone. Soy sauce aged Daffy’s Gin, umeshu plum sake, maraschino and orange bitters all seamlessly stitched together and a must try. If you really feel pleased by the place and drinks, you have to order another drink. All the cocktails listed are appealing but hospitality also means that a bartender tailors a drink to a person. Sherry and Gin, a very good recommendation indeed. Low in alcohol, high in flavour and I enjoyed every sip of it. What a wonderful place! For my last drink I tried the Colonel Mustard. Mustard, banana, tequila and ginger beer. This is an adaption of Moscow mule I like.

I love it when I come to a bar with super friendly bartenders,  interesting and beautiful interior, amazing drinks and a relaxing atmosphere.

One small detail to mention in the end, the bill comes in a tiny brown envelope marked “case solved”. This place is smart and one of those bars where you feel at home. I left this bar absolutely delighted.