PS40 Bar & Soda Factory – Exciting and Exceptional

PS40 Bar & Soda Factory – Exciting and Exceptional

My favorite way to learn is through taste and travel. Sydney has a lot of excellent cocktail bars, and at the top of my list was this exciting and exceptional concept. PS40 is a mix of a bar and a lab. It is the place where PS Sodas are created and handmade.

The brains behind the concept are experienced and knowledgable in bartending and hospitality. Michael Chiem and Thor Bergquist are well-known for working in famous bars all over the world. They have brought their expertise together and have created a soda space. The creative part was taken over by Thor’s wife, Livia Lima, who is a professional designer. From the sodas to the interior, everything is made by hand and with love.

It’s a joy to step inside – You become part of the soda factory

A neon bottle light guides you into the soda factory. It is a harmonious mix of cosy bar and in-house lab. Black and white is the dominating colour scheme flecked with colourful elements. The high ceiling, the huge window facade and the soda-making plant on a raised platform opposite the bar provide a warehouse look & feel.

The soda-making plant is an integral part of the venue. As a guest, you are part of the production process: what you see is what you drink!


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Soda & Cocktails

Fresh produce, layering of flavours & progressive techniques make up a core range that challenges what a soda is and how it can be mixed. Free from preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, the PS sodas are made, bottled and poured in-house while also being distributed to restaurants and bars across Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

“We like bubbles so we decided to make our own soda the way we would cocktails. All our sodas are handmade with natural, local and native ingredients with no preservatives.” That’s the PS 40 promise

I had the pleasure of getting some delicious samples of the core range of flavours: PS Wattle Cola, PS Bush Tonic, PS Smoked Lemonade, PS Myrtle Soda, PS Blackstrap Ginger and a seasonal flavour. A wowing and super delicious experience. I need to find out if we have something like this in Europe! The bar team was lovely and very knowledgeable. After trying all the bubbles, it was time for the cocktails.

The cocktail menu, which changes on a regular basis, is as unusual as the sodas, each with its own story.

Have a look at their latest menu. When I was there in April, it was about natural remedy-inspired cocktails. The menu read: Who needs medicine when you have cocktails? Itchy bits, runny nose, debilitating stress, problems down there? We’ve got what you need. We’ve searched the world for traditional medicines and have selected what we think is the best way to cure what ails you, or at least have some fun in the process.

I opted for Float Like a Bee Sting Like a Nettle: Stinging nettle, burnt honey, lavender, PS40 X Never Never Australian Aquavit. Apply directly to skin irritation to treat rheumatism. If problems persists consult your local Ecuadorian indigenous healer. Not to be used as replacement for lube. My second drink of choice was Laughter is the Best Medicine: Rosehip, cacao nibs, coconut flesh, citrus peels, bubbles, Mancino Secco vermouth. Side-effects may include: Joy, temporary pain relief, others laughing with/at you, companionship and stress-relief. Delicious! All the drinks were superbly balanced and you could taste the individual ingredients. The indication of the ABV per drink is a nice extra, often omitted on menus.


To round off the whole concept you will find a carefully curated selection of natural wine, craft beer and cider. Fancy some food? There is a nice collection of small bites and satisfying meals. If you ever come to Sydney, make sure you check out PS40 Bar.