Tür 7 – A speakeasy-esque Cocktail Bar & Living Room

Tür 7 – A speakeasy-esque Cocktail Bar & Living Room

“Barstalking” isn’t only about going to bars and looking for a wonderful drinking experience, it is also about giving my respect to the enchanting and fascinating bar culture. I love to explore a country and its people by their spirit and lifestyle reflected in their bars. Last month, I visited one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Vienna is a city of waltzes, art nouveau buildings, old coffee-house culture and traditional wine taverns. I was very curious to see what’s shaking in Vienna’s cocktail scene.

The bar community is strong and all the bartenders are superbly connected.

Vienna cannot complain about a lack of good bars. When I prepared myself for the trip – googling the hell out of the Internet – I found an impressive number of bars. The cocktail scene is buzzing and evolving rapidly. The city has a good set of classic bars and institutions but new concepts are the craze at the moment. Events like the Liquid Market that I attended during my stay bring the idea of cocktails closer to the public. The drinking habits of the Viennese are characterised by Spritzers and the Mediterranean way of drinking early. I will start my Vienna adventure with the bar that left me stirred and I am looking forward to visiting again.

What can you look forward to at Tür 7? Tailor-made cocktails that hit the epicentre of your taste in an elegant living room atmosphere.

Well, I have to admit that I am in love with this unobtrusive bar located behind door number 7 of Buchfeldgasse in the 8th district of Vienna. Tür means door in English and the bar is behind door number 7, so it is Tür 7 in German! After entering this beautifully designed place you are surrounded by an exclusive interior and a dim, yet pleasant, lightning. The fluffy black carpet gives you the feeling of stepping inside a friend’s flat. The place is meant to look like this, which is further underlined by offering you some house slippers. The bathroom is also more homelike with a bathrobe hanging on the door. All areas are tuned up to the very finest detail. There is also a smoking area, a lounge area and the beating heart of the drinking den is the bar.

It is intimate, it is dim, it is cosy. It’s for sophisticated drinkers.

Extraordinary spirits are displayed at the back bar. They stock everything from Armagnac to Cognac, local Vermouth to rare whiskies. The selection is eye candy and, like always, I found my place at the bar counter. One of the bar’s principles is no postings on social media. The bar is supposed to be a retreat, both for others and you. They have created a little hideaway at Tür 7.

Pictures? No way! What happens in Tür 7 stays in Tür 7.

They also have no menu, and this was the first time for me that a no-menu concept worked perfectly. It was already late when I visited Tür 7 for the first time. I was lucky to meet the owner, Gerhard Tsai, himself. I asked for a tequila based drink with a floral note. The cocktail I got was exactly like this. It tasted like a refreshing spring day. While I was sipping my drink and enjoying the relaxed vibe of the venue, Geri told me about the impediments to opening the bar. He has realised a long cherished dream of having his own bar and didn’t expect that it would be so hard. There were a couple of local residents fighting tooth and nail to prevent the opening. Maybe they expected a loud music club or something else disturbing their good night’s sleep. Gerhard Tsai mastered the hurdles with goodwill, a friendly smile and an invitation for a drink. Fortunately, this is now three years ago and almost forgotten. Meanwhile, some of the residents are regular guests and convinced that Geri has enriched the district with a peaceful and calm bar.

There is no menu, only recommendations based on your preferences.

My last drink of the night was a Brandy Alexander, made with a 20 year old Armagnac. The drinks are either individual creations or classics but the base spirit is always of a high-quality. Each drink costs 17 Euros and are worth every cent. They are served with some inviting popcorn.

The space has a its own character and personality is given by the charming barteam. Beside the owner (G. Tsai), Glenn Estrada and Reinhard Pohorec look after you. The bar offers around 30 seats, so the service is very personal. On my second visit I met Reinhard Pohorec for the first time. He made a wonderful whisky cocktail for me. Before I met him, I had already tried the Austrian red vermouth, Pontica, which he created together with Peter Weintögl and it also became part of my drink. Pohorec is a man of many talents and his list of awards and prizes is long. What you immediately see is his smile! Hospitality, this is the key to success, and at Tür 7 they pair it with excellent service and drinks. Still in love!

Visit Tür 7 and learn more about and with Reinhard Pohorec.