Chapeau 1987 – Classic Cocktails & Whisky Bar

Chapeau 1987 – Classic Cocktails & Whisky Bar

Chapeau 1987 is a bar for whisky lovers. You will find this excellent place a few metres further up on the same street as Ginbo Bar, Avenida Jaime III. The brain behind this bar concept is the Ginbo group and they opened their brother in 2016. The focus is on whiskies and classic cocktails, and also give their guests an understanding of bar culture. After I had landed in Palma de Mallorca, Chapeau was my first drinking den. By the way, Matias Iriarte Turnes is also in charge of Chapeau. So, you won’t be surprised to find a professional bar concept.

What awaits you: lots of whisky, classic cocktails, innovative drinks, homemade ingredients, and a huge crystal-clear ice block that is cut into pieces before the eyes of the guests.

I love the rhythmical sound of the moving shakers, the clinking dance of a bar spoon and the ice cubes in a glass and I love to watch the artful procedure of carving the ice. Using block ice elevates the quality of the drinks by causing less dilution and additionally make the drink look more appealing.

As soon as you step inside you will find yourself in an elegant bar. A lot of wood panelling creates a cosy living room atmosphere, comfy bar chairs and stylish niches offer enough space for more than fifty people. The place is pleasantly lit and the lamps, made of bowler hats, make reference to the bar’s name. And here they were again: the friendly, attentive and welcoming bartenders.

My place, like always, is where the magic happens, just in front of the bartender. What already caught my eye while I entered the bar was the well-stocked back bar with high quality spirits and, of course, a lot of whiskies. The Christmas selection menu listed three cocktails and three straight whiskies. I opted for a Panettone Old Fashioned. A classic cocktail sweetened with a homemade panettone syrup. It really felt like Christmas due to the noticeable taste of the panettone cake, the candied fruit and raisins. To keep up with the season my next drink of choice was a Ginger Bread Sour, based on rum and refined with a homemade gingerbread syrup. My ears were treated well by the vibes of the background music and my taste buds sang a Christmas melody.

Chapeau 1987 surprises us with an out of the ordinary menu.

At first sight, it is a simple leaflet that lists the classic cocktails, but then you take a closer look and there are lines to follow, you must turn the menu in different directions and you have to start to think outside the box. You will find connections between classic drinks and the innovative drinks prepared at Chapeau, too. Suddenly, you find yourself in a conversation with the bartender, your friends or your neighbour.

The philosophy of the Chapeau is to provide very well-made cocktails, with quality spirits. They encourage people to drink better.

The bar culture is not very significant in Palma and at Chapeau you will find a place to learn more about it. After another hedonistic night in the culinary world of Palma it was time to try a libation from the Low Rider category. A beautiful Amontillado sherry, aged for 12 years with a fruity and nutty flavour, mixed with yuzu puree, lemon, rounded off with sesame oil and filled up with Ginger Beer. Refreshing and absolutely delicious. Nothing more to say than: Chapeau guys.

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