Angels’ Share Cocktail Bar in a Nutshell

Angels’ Share Cocktail Bar in a Nutshell

Do you know anything about Basel’s bar scene? The city is full of excellent bars from classic to hotel bars, tikibars to wine bars. I’m happy to have discovered a couple of bars so far and even happier that I’ll soon be living closer to Basel. Here’s a little taste!

Last year I finally made it to Angels’ Share, located in the (Klein-) Basel “Bermuda-Triangle”. One of their concoctions had already enchanted me – a creative cocktail made with gin, goat cheese, raspberry and lemon. The menu changes monthly and lists ten delicious drinks.

From their current menu, I opted for the Jericho, or was it a Cherry Coke? Gin, cherry, lemon, cola and bitters served in a chilled coke bottle. Cool eye candy! My second drink of choice, Dark Grapes, was a nicely balanced combo of Ardbeg Whisky, white wine, raspberry, lemon and PX sherry. Highly recommended!

Prohibition-style, dark wood paired with modern interpretations of classic and home-made creations.

The Mission: Bringing cocktail culture closer to their guests and make them happy 🙂

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