Kwānt London in a Nutshell

Kwānt London in a Nutshell

No matter if you like your drinks classic, crazy, experimental, or molecular, or if you would like to interact with the bartender, sip your drink alone, or want to be entertained by live music – London’s got it all. It’s the iconic centre of the European bar world. In London, you’ll find innumerable bars and as many different concepts. There’s a higher demand compared to drinking habits in Germany. Going to cocktail bars is part of the British lifestyle. People finish work and head to bars to enjoy high quality drinks. What’s used in the fine art of eating, is used to refine the drinking experience. High-tech tools such as rotovaps, dehydrators, sous-vide, thermo mix, espumas, liquid nitrogen, clarification and fermentation techniques, support the crafting process.

Last year I visited Kwānt, meaning something unusual or old-fashioned, pronounced “quaint”. The owner and bar luminarie is Erik Lorincz – no more words or explanation needed, his name speaks for itself. What you can expect is a bar which offers all the standards of a five-star hotel. Tucked away under the Moroccan restaurant Momo you’ll find an elegantly dressed bar team in white-jackets, bespoke glassware, unusual in-house grown herbs, perfect ice, and attention to detail in every corner.

A classic bar paired with tropical decor and topped with impeccable hospitality.

Heads and Tails, was my first choice. A mezcalicious combo of Vida mezcal mixed with beermouth, green tea agave and peychaud bitters topped with Genmaicha soda water. The beginning of a long night and many drinks – all of them were standout and perfectly balanced. Sharing the venue with a restaurant means a fully equipped kitchen and savoury bar food. Don’t forget to order the Irish Coffee.

Let my pictures do any further talking.

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