Meeting interesting people in a bar

Meeting interesting people in a bar

Usually I am on my own for my bar adventures. For all of those who often ask me if I meet and talk to a lot of people on my trips, there is a little story.

First of all, I am almost never addressed by other guests because I go to bars where fine drinking is celebrated and the guests are selected by the hosts. On the other hand I have to admit that I met the most people in my favorite bar. My current boss for example, Thanos from Baba Au Rum, the son of my primary school teacher, but these are different stories.

 This story is about someone who shares my love and passion for Immertreu.

Another thing we have in common is our drinking profile. We met each other the first time in February. Unfortunately I cannot remember how we started to talk to each other but I would assume it was about the excellent Seelbach. I was on tour with a friend from Stuttgart who ended his night a bit early while I was staying in the bar and met M. By now we met serveral times and I also got to know his wife, just to stop any romantic speculations coming up right now. They have an interesting life style and they treat each other very lovingly. M. likes to go out with his wife, but also on his own or with some booze buddies like me most recently. Let’s get back to the drinking profile and some questions I had.

What is your favorite drink?

He likes Bourbon and Rye. He mainly orders Old Fashioned and Manhattan. I always noticed a Seelbach in front of him.

What would you never drink?

Moscow Mule and Schneeflöckchen from the menu is his answer immediately whilst turning up his nose. Oh, I totally forgot about the menu at Immertreu. I think I had a look at it on my first visit and never again. Time to change that and we both browsed through the pages. The menu is a small clipboard, simple and solid.

What is your favorite place in the bar?

Just in front of the bartender that gives the opportunity to make small talk and extend the knowledge. This is also my preferred seat and finally it was time to order. I already had some mezcal drinks at another place (with another story) and was a bit hectic so forgot about it. I ordered a modified version of a Manhattan I already had some time ago. The bartender took a bootle of Elijah Craig bourbon, included some port wine, Cocchi vermouth, some dashes of Walnut Bitters and stitched all seamlessly together. He placed the chilled glass on the bar counter in front of me. I smelt, took a sip and starred at him with big eyes. “Are you going to kill me?” I asked him. The Manhattan was strong and the viscous liquid flow back from the edge of the glass into the drink what is an indicator of high proof alcohol. On the other hand the drink was yummy with a nice texture and a pleasant sweetness. I know this bourbon and it usually comes with 47 % alcohol. I could have noticed the black label if I paid more attention. But I missed the “Barrel Proof” description and the 70 %. These bottels are limited on the German market. At Immertreu you always find some real treasures and that is why I love this bar.

Why do you like Immertreu best, was my next question:

Because the drinks I had in other bars cannot compete with the ones I have at this place and I never found a selection like this elsewhere.

Are there other bars that you visit?

„From time to time I go to VOIMA. The bar is small and the selection of spirits is smaller as well, but they make fantastic drinks, serve some nibbles and you can have a cup of coffee, if you feel like. Oh, the toilets are great, they have a nice background sound. The name is taken from the icebreaker where the owner got married.” I already met the owner but missed to visit this bar. Next new bar on the agenda is pretty obvious.

I finished this night with a Greenpoint and was once again one of the last guests. Poor Ricardo but many thanks for this wonderful place. We love the bar and you, although the drinks are really tough or because of this very reason ❤